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Light within or Light without?

The differences and similarities in defense, the instinct and imagination necessary to thought and that which is beyond focus or attention. The distances of thoughtlessness and the contrivances of daylight, the fragments of movement in falling or rotting motion, the distinctions of space in that which is distal or the space imagined empty or blankness, the silence clarity and stillness of physiological construct and the ways in which movement escapes memory. The ability to forget imagined blank space to fill in potential, resting and active conditions of interest or investment and the stillness of that which is remembered or these supposed absolutes in conditions for separations between thought, memory and imaginary, the actuality in that which is senescence, the differentiation in any perspective: supposed limits of imagination or these portions of daylight parted to particularity in prisms of shade and the shapeliness of shadow, these dimensions of invention and the wanted supposition of timing for difference or these places beyond time, these definite physiological spaces and their actuality in constructs of chemical and electrical conversions of conditioning and environment. The actuality of that which is mental and imaginary event cannot be decided, let alone the differences in thought, memory, and imaginary, the actuality of that which is measurable and the distances in charting, the portions of position in potentiality and that which is always partial. The idea of wholeness in environment or timing tricking into flim-flam belief in distances that don’t measure up, in perspective sense to beset entire environment based on imagined meaning, cause, reason or whatever could be manufactured of the absolute divination or ‘divining’ of what must be information or imagination, what must be mental and imaginary event, whatever [biased systemic] perspective could singularly decide for an entire crowd the differences in their own perspectives. The accuracy in that which is imaginal, there is no particular place or value to the imaginal, there are no set limits and never will be. Imaginary is imaginary. The exactitude of instinct and imagination, the ways in which imagination could seem to be shared in shared environment or the ways in which connectivity and continuer depend upon imagination, the imaginal and the perspective sense of that which is actually analogous to me and my movement and action and behaviors. The difference and similarities in proximity and paradox don’t make as much sense nor hold as much accuracy as decent myth or fable and parable in poem of rhetorical situation, and how many myths does any one lake have about it? And how many yellow submarines could investigate with no recourse? These figures of interest and the curiosity usually figured in that which is beyond sense or these perfections of guessing games for similar instancing the ease of connectivity in that which is formulaic and that which is isolated. The discretion in that which is first and the morphological underpinnings of suppositions on deep time that mean the assumption of a wholeness that does not exist and apriory of perspective in environment sure of influence or connection that does not either and that has no need. The necessity in nature and the volatility of change and difference, especially defense, the volatility and beauty of change in nature and that which is reckoned as though decidable. The underpinnings of morphological weight or the conditions of reference and record tricking us into portrait assurances of being that do not make sense. Random data and the generalities of that which is actual, the differences in decision and these portions of daylight meeting dust within me, the source-less electric within contrasting in electric with these prisms of natural light, creating shades of dimensions and conditioning reality to placements of value and perceptions of stillness. The figures of solidity and the vibratory patterning between different states of matter, stated differences in vapor or the conditioned leniency in swamp gas and the reality of wanted wonder producing amazement no matter what. Self fulfilling prophecies and cognitive distortions [personalization] upon space and time, the suppositions of supposed wholeness and the assumption of stillness that cannot be applied. Purity, naturally and applicability in that which needs to and does definitely exist, the silence clarity and stillness in nature and the perception of cause, reason or meaning therein, the want for actual underlying principle instead of shallow proximity paradox and circumstance. Symmetry and asymmetry in lighting?

Thoughtlessness, the values of space and pause, the distances in reloque and that which contains or exists within, the limits to environmental variable and assumptions upon space beyond me, these portions of daylight we could pretend to contain, a flashlight or the scatter of its light to any point it reaches, the limits of measurement and the saturation of notice or that which is contained within the light released with sight and feeling, the differences in supposed containment and the instruments of usefulness that could even pretend to produce this light from within or pretend to contain anything illuminated by it. A bright bulb that glows with the after effects of being lit, ([why?]) the alpenglo that lights prisms of disappearing in sunset, caught in portions of horizon escaping in color, illuminated paths of glancing. The same exact sunrise or set will never happen, the distances in what could be illuminated by invention, the best I could do for beauty is shadow puppets against the assurances of illuminations belonging or any part brought to that light suddenly distorted, closed to the saturation of this one beam, this memory which could escape in all this light within, could refuse and escape the mean glare of artificial light.

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