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Like The Wind!

Distinctions in daylight, the devices of timing and the indicative values of space. The conditions of interest or investment and the wanted value of focus or focal devoid patterning. Perspective sense in that which lies beyond it, the wanted imaginal free thought and wonderment, these curiosities of possibility in that which is beyond, the ease of manipulation in the record of imaginary and or mental event. Indeterminable data, that which cannot be determined nor decided, actualities of place value beyond proximal similarity or difference. Pressures of stance and the weight of medium in any amount of space, measureless conditions of that which is ephemeral, these sighing ways of the wind and the wanted patterns for the weather, the actuality in ever changing possibility, random and chaotic data and the pressures assumed in any amount of dimension or imaginal space. The wanted potentials of that which must become or exist and the resting active or passive possibility in any amount of data or information. The conditions of actual recombinance and the differentiation in that which is considered connected or continuing, assumptions upon medium in potentials of space and the accuracy in any amount of guessing for similar instancing in proximity dances of chance. Mediums of unrest, these conditioned portions of daylight and that which is easily recognized, these assumptive weights in the pressures of supposed mediums for that which is beyond sense and the actuality of the indicative nature of chance and the necessity of volatility in change. Pressured alignments of mediums, these conditioned indicatives of possibility and the biases based on observation and assumptive connectivity in chance and random data. Volatility and variability, the ways in which natural mediums operate and the conditions of ephemeral distance, these imaginal dimensions know absolutely the ways in which shapes could escape form in that which is imaginary numbers, or assume and leave portions of scattered potentials in assumptions upon medium to make change seem natural in the volatility of applicative value in that which is imaginal. The wanted natural change, the volatility in natural change and the ways in which a medium could be seen or organized as natural or applied. The wanted importance of distinction, reference and record, the distinctions of timing and the space imagined for any amount of shape or indicative value in time. Wanted mediums for imaginal reckoning beyond time and space, to feel a wholeness or partiality, to wonder the curiosity of sense in that which is beyond it: mediums of applied or natural volatility, these conditioned separations from industrialized society and the ways in which any actual system could become or seem natural or applied. The usefulness of that which separates these conditions of investment and interest, the mental and imaginary event associated with any amount of space or indicative value and the wanted mediums in that which is beyond reality. The imaginal and that which cannot be sensed nor reckoned, the ways in which our anatomy automatically compensated for any amount of data we could possibly be met with, this universe of constant and inconsistent change in matter that cannot be created nor destroyed. The actuality of newness and the wanted and necessary infinitum of potentials and possibility, a finite continuum, that could be indefinite but not infinite and not imaginal. The usefulness of using infinitum as imaginary or imaginary as infinitum and the ease of misinterpretation in that which is assumed a part or wholeness of a natural or applied system. Wanted differentiation in that which is natural volatility and applied, these wanted comparisons in the volatility from natural systems or applied systems, in the actuality of a natural medium or an applied one. The distinctions of proximity or differences and similarities aren't conducive to free thought, and the ways in which proximity could trick mediums is nothing new. Or, tricks in reference and record to make any amount of proximity count as any sort of legitimacy in chance change and the volatility of change in nature. The conditioned unrest in that which is applied as though from outside, and the hapless chaos and change in any system and the ways in which any amount of volatility in acclimation, accommodation and adaptation could effect or affect other applied or natural systems. The wanted volatility in nature and the need for conditions of unrest in record and reference, in the possibility of mediums beyond sense, beyond imaginary and beyond collective. (I heard the spirit moves like the wind?)

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