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Investments of time and space, the conditions of movement and the actuality of rates of passage. The measureless distances of work or workmanship, intellectual property and intellectual freedom. The need for thoughtlessness, nothingness, the consistency of timing and the fruition of excitements and their derivative possibilities. Deciding use or belonging based on timing or elsewise is a horrible confusion of space and privacy, the needed break between piece rate works and the idea of being used for time is a necessary distinction to recognize. Time is not a commodity, I am not a commodity. Is it easier to think you can use people as commodities if you think you can own or share their time or timing? Happenstance, chance and the ways in which fabricative coincidence for guessing games of similar instancing could create any amount of supposed connectivity. Supposed exacted-ness in the delinquency of supposed chance and the volatility of change, formulaic and repetitive writings and the ambiguity of validity. The need for focus, discernment and information reliability are nothing new, and the mediums of separation between reality and virtual reality are becoming less and less stable, and less and less workable. The confusions in physiological response created by imaginal space are many, the differences in actuality and that which is imaginary or mental event that could easily be attached to reality through the constructs of cognition. A coincidence doesn’t need to make sense to anyone but you, there is no collective or elsewise that can decide the absolute meaning of the perspective necessary to noticing coincidence, or adding meaning or intention. Trying to possess others coincident to my own imagination does not mean conducive construct of actuality or reality. I could hear something in the woods and feel something completely different from anyone else around me, the feelings possibly produced by my imagination constructing possibilities of what (it) could be do not effect or affect me even as much as the adrenaline and catacholamines necessary to the response that’s probably already taken place by the time I’m imagining it. The secrets of imagining events or people into your life and etcetera are very shallow and tend to decide connectivity and continuation of events with very little actual information or fact, and the connections they assume and call forth are usually very opportune ones, and usually based on wealth. If I’m ambiguous enough in imagining what I want, any number of people or instances could tend to supposedly prove me correct: to think you could have that much control, power or ‘force’ over the environment and others is actually a negation of individualism. Especially when you consider how many others must be expected to operate in a way that would be conducive to whatever you think you want or need, that you are calling upon or trying to manifest. Manifest your own destiny or manifest God’s destiny: nature is exacting, God is in control.

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