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Reversals and missing irregardless of the target, another questioning machine for asking answers that cannot be found, or that are better imaginary or unkown. What could usefulness limit in ourselves based on assumptions of answers or definitives? Same quandaries, these same figurative construed missteps to the perfectly assembled and apriorist parts allowed in pictorial representation. what small tick on any other graph meant the sanctity of life or appreciation of daytime must be stolen? What sort of representation could I imagine of my thought? What parts are left for the imagination to separate itself from thought, to recognize itself as separate? What limbs sprouted reptilian representations of self to mask or mirror, to redefine themselves according to makeshift charts that inform based on relegations of flesh and punishment for free thought? Information could never separate itself entirely, these senses we apply to knowledge could never know actual perspective, or what idea of observation could formulate itself in the medium of my mind today? The will of observation, the conscious will in perspective of assumption or the fact itself that wonder exists to say there must be another perspective on my own assumption from within myself connotates the tensions between will and “the” observer. Information is never an assumption of shared space, of automatic communication: the controlled excitement of idea could not be settled to individualism alone, nor should automatically belong to everyone in wants to be free.

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