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Measurements, the features of conditions to preference and the challenge of neutrality, the differences in any amount of difference are decidable by instrument. These bodies of physical law and the nature with which we break them, no meaning or purpose for these measuring characters we become our own roles of. Accuracy in the record, the hopes for separation of record from the measurement of it, as though the inventions we have attached ourselves to would ever allow that. Divisiveness in containing the layering indicative easily applied to any want of autonomy or and any sort of ambiguity, the usefulness in anything to decide itself beyond measure for record while attaching itself to meaning and place is misplaced wonderment bent on mythology. The Accuracy of event to record and the manipulations of measurement are avoidable, we exist to our instrument and inventions alone, any life beyond beyond measure and subject of the abyss. Contemporary record of now and the presence missing out beyond a moment happening already passed as part of memory, of the idea of present moment and the impossibility of the defiance suggested in the differences manufacturing and or assembling inspiration. Imaginary infinitum to discern symbols of being beyond measure: the only idea for it we actually have is really imaginary. The measures of existence far more important than actually existing. The want for connections far more important than actual connectivity or continuing. The inevitability of autonomy: accidents happen, coincidence is plenty.

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