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Mechanistic Record

Discord, the distinctions in spaciousness and the revelry of musical continuation of events, the wanted timing of conditioned relevance and the ways in which personalization can go unnoticed. The specificity of conditioned perspective and the ways in which any amount of data or information could seem to continue or be connected, the wanted ideals in variance and variability and the constitutional natural volatility against assumptive difference or similarity. Variant reliability, these measureless inventions of possibility in that which is attached or connected to human sense, these indicative portions of information and ease of manipulation in data. The variability and conditions of continuance, these factors of conditioned reality that everyone must share, and portioned allowances of fact based on apriory and faith. The chemical and electrical conversions happening anyplace exacted to sameness or difference no matter the actual medium or reference? Distinctions in that which has natural movement and the actuality of that which is applied or natural in systemic reach. Applicative value in measureless distinction based on perspective sense and personalization, the factors of allowance in personal idea or ideal and the assumptive nature of capsizing pressures and values based on systemic oppression. Contrivances of a beat, the groove that we actually hear mechanically manipulated and the actuality of sound that only my ears can interpret perfectly. Natural movement and actual attachment in that which is recorded and mechanically manipulated: the wanted figures for sense beyond it and the shallow proximity, participation and paradox limits challenges and values which are inevitable. Wanted relevance in that which is obvious or obscure and the wanted figures of unrest beyond allowance factors for perspective sense. Connectivity or continuance, timing of relevance and the distal contortions of space for the sake of mechanistic leanings, the necessity in that which is beyond sense and the ways in which applied or natural systems could seem either or. Distinctions in spaciousness and the timing of values, postural conditions in that which is assumed continual or connective or similar, the wanted definitive nature of that which is found in people picking their noses. The actuality of privacy and the need for free thought, these suppositions of necessity in limits of decidability in that which is connective or continued and the actuality of principled truth in accordance with Leonard B. Meyers' study of information: it depends on the will of the observer. Removal from free choice will never disprove free will. Difference or similarity in qualified or quantified defense or comfort, the courage of comfort and the necessity in survival to be comfortable and comforted. Of all the ways in which we trick time, reference and record, the relevance of spaciousness and the wanted timing of distance in imagining that which may be beyond it. The distance covered by the imagination, the wanted conditions of absolution in that which is instinct and imagination and the inaccuracy of assumptive weight on postural reflexes or movement in music. We must move to or with the 'movements'. The distinctions in that which has been conditioned or that which is natural and the wanted accuracy in perspective without it, these impossible limits of wanted fortunetelling or psychic ends myths, the reality of guessing games for similar instancing and the wanted accuracy in that which is supposedly shared conditioning, which is ever changing, and which is different for anyone. Decidability in that which is personal and in accordance with the will of the observer, indeterminable data in that which is actually subject and the wanted freedom of reality in choice and decision beyond purveyors of constructed connectivity and continuance. The indeterminable relevance in that which is actual imagination and the wanted referent points of actuality and reality, the ways in which information becomes imagination or imagined data or imagined relevance, how information and continuance become actual information, and the relevance in any amount of supposed connectivity or timing especially created in music. The actuality of reality beyond the shudders of significance decided in mechanistic record, and the wanted space for a groove to actually exist, or the wanted conditioned upsets in timing of relevance that's possible anyplace. The fluidity imagined in that which I see and imagine, and any amount of mechanistic upsets in separation from the actuality. It's a record, not actual thought or imagination: this writing is a record and not actual thought or imagination. Close as I could get, still far and removed.

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