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Pressure and the placements of timing in the indicatives of weighted reference and the wanted transformations of differences in shapeliness beyond actual form. Imaginal shapeliness and the concentrated forms of possibility in that which is beyond sense, the wanted indicative nature of that which is conditioned and that which is beyond use or application. Natural or applicative, these measureless concentrates of that which is possible and the ways in which limits on potential decide accuracy and determinability. The wanted qualification or quantification of that which is imaginary, and the possibilities for other dimensions. Lined out in strings or in perfect circles escaping to other dimensions? The endless possibilities in that which is modeled as formulate potential in connectivity or relativity and the ways in which any amount of data or information could seem to fit or make sense, we are only met with circumstances we can handle, and any amount of data or information must already have some form of small potential connection of similarity or difference no matter what. Holographic idealistic leanings in that which is possible from the dimensions we know, the wanted separation of values in the humming of harmonic spheres and these place values in movement and sound, in the plainness of perception and the actuality of transformation beyond real number. Somewhere between Euclid and Galileo, these patterns and forms of potential and the regularity or irrationality of their movement or potentials decided another part of decidability, that there be no limits to free thought and the escape from any amount of pattern or pathos is always possible. There are always alternatives. Infinitude multiplied and divided by infinitum to the degree of zero infinitely, absurdity limits to wonderment and the ways in which any amount of data or information could seem accurate or applicable when it's not, this finite universe of expansion to infinitum, the necessity in the actuality of imaginal infinitude and the reality of finite conditions in infinite potential. Ellipses swinging harmonies to statements of path and pattern, these wanted underlying consistencies and the space imagined in the movement of a sphere, the making of void or chamber for a pattern itself in immediacy, the wanted chambers of significance and the hexagonal leanings of actuality. These corners bent to the sharp reality of touch, forming accurate structures and instances of path and pattern for efficacy and efficiency in nature. Asymmetrical leanings and the spiraling indicatives of growth and measure, perfected spirals forming functions of potential in that which is possible of beyond but never actual. The wanted exactitude of that which conditions growth in morphological constructs of data and information, spiraling ellipses and the knotting patterns in disappearing corners, the slips and tangles of a conditioned path and the ways in which uncertainty and random data actually defer. Potential used as potential alone? Never an actual path or pattern, just the potential actuality only, these ghost plasmids of the ways in which every single action and reaction took place for just this one cell of plasma, every potential and path within that passing on and concentrating more of itself and data in medium and filtrate. Must have actual path or pattern, must have physiological construct of some sort, could never be a potential of potential. Metaphysical data is a physiological construct. There must have been some sort of underlying movement, pressure, or potential to any movement, action or reaction in any function imaginable or possible. Especially in transformation. Imaginal infinitum and the source-less electric, the ease of manipulation of concepts in abstract and the ways in which any amount of data or information could be taken out of context. That which is actually applicable and accurate from that which is imaginary, beyond difference or similarity in information or imagination. Wanted exactitude in infinite potential, the ways in which any amount of assumption could define itself as accurate and the biases in that which must be actual to any imaginal space.

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