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Indicative triviality these conditions of unrest and the motions of time, the actuality of stillness and this universe of constant motion. Constantly variable, these wanted neutrality in the necessity of positive and neutral. Opposing springs to neutral coils, the distinctions of space and the differentiation in timing, the indicatives of motion, these conditions of that which is potential at rest, passive or active, these pressures of the designs of alignment. The figures of indicative weight and the pull of pressure, these muscles only ever pulling and the distinctions of push. Exactitude in that which is ever changing, the idea of that which is at rest in motion, imagining turning a corner like Jam Handy. Distributions of these timing pressures and the differences in weight decidable in spokes never crossing each other. These sparks lit carry these pressures distances in path, move to a conversion and housing, the differences in pull or a distance in neutrality in pressurized plates, a free neutral in between pressures, the stillness in the movement of 1/100th of an inch of space. Distances worth traveling and the exactitude of measureless spaces, these imaginary fractions actually existing and these pulls from pushing in looping tensions instead of planetary ones. The indicative nature of machines, the need in space and timing for any body, these conditions of assumption and the indicative nature of time. The ways in which things used to work, these electric underpinnings of amp or otherwise, the alternatives to generators and the distribution of power to limbs of concentrated potential. Alternating variance in the wanted steady resting potential, the generators a push of alternating and continually generating passed any store. The constant inconsistent want for pull, variant conditions in that which has timing, and the indicative nature of motion. The form and function, these conditions of unrest in that which is action and reaction without a necessity in function. The wanted potentials and active resting gradients of indicative, the actual motion or fluidity imagined possible therein aint as important. Structure, natural action and reaction in the environment and a careful reckoning in that which is actual function, cause meaning and reason, applicability and the ways in which generalist abstract and conceptual tends to change. Imagined motions to impossible pressures and the actuality of action and reaction outside any *necessary function. The concentrations of pressure or weighted indicatives of timing, these conditions of action and the amount of actual movement around any actual action. The resting and passive conditions of potential and the distinctions of variability. The wanted motions from any amount of possibility and the apriory in that which is assumed in diagram. The ways in which we're drawn to electricity, the ways in which intake compression combustion and exhaust has defined indicative relativity in motion and the missing generators in alternatives. Bake-lite fixtures and the moving of years, these wanted conditions of materialization and the triviality of natural design. The natural or applied systems of supposition, the actuality in that which is mathematical and the ways in which imagination can outrun reality.

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