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Updated: Apr 14

Distinctions of space and timing, the suppositions of limits or assumptions of limitless space and the accidental continuance of suppositions upon timeliness. The differentiation of movement in that which is fluid or the transforms that allot continuity in perspective and the ease of bias tricking timing to finite forms of infinitum that aren't conducive to personal space or personal timing and perspective therein. The actuality of continuity and timing, the space and distinction or differentiation in that which is assumed part of a system, of the only underlying supposed connectivity in systems and the timing of space. The ways in which personal space is taken out of context based on statistics in time being a wholeness we could wager or partiality that must make sense to any specific or conglomerated 'whole' is a mistake. Convenience in that which is semblant and the reality of timing beyond any underlying absolution of wholeness and or partiality. The spaces for value and the concepts in abstract applicability, the apriory in force and the differentiation of velocity in that which seems to move itself, the Tyranny of the Clock, Woodcock, may be worse in thinking we could escape it with new quantification upon the quality of statistics and in false logic garnered in that which is assumed A part or whole...The distinctions of difference and the ways in which any amount of random or chaotic data could effect or affect a system, the ways in which a natural line is drawn. These assumptions on nature in the shortest distances for traveling movement and the ways in which beauty and volatility could take the long way around. These distinctions in that which is possible for underlying practical in that which moves path to pathos, space to timing, the ways in which any amount of timing* could seem universal and the uses of unknown, indeterminable data and information. The assumed part or whole is of another assumed part or whole and doesn't get much better, even then. How often nature draws a straight line, these necessary deviations in the need for more individuality in evolutionary growth, the need for difference in defense, imagination and instinct in that which is beyond imaginary, beyond sense, and beyond collective. These unseen forces, the pull of tension to muscles and this universal swing in ellipses, the wanted tensions in pushing and thrust, the distinctions in timing and differences in movement in accordance with personal place value and perspective timing. The ways in which universalized timing effect and affect statistics especially, and the suppositions of partiality in person, the ways in which any amount of value in place or body could be taken out of context based on movement assumed in transformations made internally, this imagined fluidity and movement being different for everyone. The measureless counts attempting again against Nernst, Nyquist and Shannon, for that perfect limit in movement that allows each a perspective of fluidity...Fourrier, these spirals of indicative in that which is flipped perfectly in the optic chasm, these structures that seem as though they should have so much of the same exacted potential...Shapeless movement in another dimension, the ways in which any amount of path could be assumed to a wholeness of shape or pattern and the ways in which any amount of fragmented information could be taken out of context. Imaginal infinitum and sourceless electric, these forces have better names, the distinctions of universalized space and timing for the indicative fluidity of motion or motive or motif will never be fair or true. It depends upon the perspective and or will of the observer.

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