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Musical Continuation of Event

Musical Continuation of Event

Chords trembling down the strings

left open and still touching

every electric arc, swing, taking

the chances of reminiscing

a hollow reverberation

making sense of totality

every movement of another

every humming part ready

strikes another tone or tune of vigilance, destruction

importance or ineptitude

troubling variant beat

causing ruckus, the tiniest movements

an entirety, wholeness, suddenness

all of a symphony

in the hearing of a single note

guessing which would fit perfectly

outside of any chord or relevant attachment

swinging electricity to shards and planes

to atmosphere and dissonance

the airs and interests of attention

this universe of strings always playing

elliptical draws of perpendicular space

harmonious thirds and spirals of wave

immeasurable distances between us

between the spaces fit for us shapes

beyond the sounds our sounds are making

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