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Natural or Applied? [500s or 600s]

Taken levers and ledges of differences in timing space or spacing time, these indicative losses of zero or one, the wanted distinctions in functions or that which is actually applicable compared with that which just happens. Circumstance upon circumstance in variant clamities of chance and change in the volatility and chaos in growth in nature. Geomorphic constructs of underlying pattern or these wanted underlying principles in applicative values, the wanted natural mathematics and the actuality of applied systems. These devices of differences, the wanted conundrums in non-space and zero, these missing aspects of conditioned extremity and the wanted diversions of comparison. The accuracy in applicative or natural systems or science and the wanted differentiations in space and timing vastness to the minute, the ease in microscopic and the wanted morphological underpinnings of principle in timing space or spacing timing. The necessity in wanted integers of accuracy in that which is beyond notice, in that which is beyond record, memory and movement, the ways in which the imaginal could correlate to reality and the actuality of information. Information or imagination? Applied or Natural system/science? The chances of duality or dichotomy figuring a sense of relief from comparison and information reliability beyond convenience according to event, the wanted actuality in accordance with principles and actual science. Variability in observational bias and the ways in which definitions of science have changed, controlled event and the wanted isolative values in the WILD...The measureless immediacy in nature and the ways in which systems automatically grow and morph to accommodate and change, simultaneously. The actuality of measuring events as part of environment in the wild instead of in actual science, and the need for freedom from circumstance upon circumstance in unfair and unnecissary associations drawn in accordance with the ease of immediacy. Especially in conditioned industrialized systems, in the ways in which any amount of data could seem to operate or be of use in this continuum of change and chance: ever changing, ever evolving to work anything anytime anywhere, its our nature. Adaptations a bitch, self-preservations a bitch, the ways in which timing and spacing differences in any instance could seem to be in some sort of continuance or connectivity and the ways in which information works, no matter what. These wanted distinctions in imagination or information, in applied or natural systems and the ways in which science and testability has been warped by immediacy and WILD innacuracy in 'testing' nature. Conditioned figures of phatic sense and the ways in which any amount of data or information could seem to operate or have place value and that which is actually beneficial to nature, and to our natural selves.

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