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Non-Present, Know Thyself!

Distinctions of focus and the difference in defense and notice, impressions of soft data elicitation and the ease of formulaic concentrate in the divination of concentration and the decisions beyond them. The thoughtlessness of concentration, the persistence of caution and the risk assessments and cognitive distortions we wouldn't even be aware of. The ways in which industrial society has conditioned imagination, the figures of unrest and the ease of random indicative in repetitive routine. The measureless distances of choice and these feverish tides of impossible weight against that which is assumed, the apriory of distinction in that which becomes easily overlooked, the oblivion of obviousness and these personalization or attempts to reconvene these parts of environment as though a complete experience for any individual or group, partiality and variables in assumptions of wholeness upon an environment cannot be reconciled with the actuality of reality. Perspective bias cannot be escaped in hive-mind, nor group think, the removal from free choice will never disprove free will. And who cares if it exists or not, I don't need free will to be against epistemic normativity, nor to expect freedom of association, (Fischer) free will has very little to do with freedom of association. Philosophical constructs of apriory based in upsetting the freedom of expression, and the need for free thought. Since this already belonged somewhere else, what part of wholeness of environment or person is being assumed? How many variables in this WILD have supposedly been completely accounted for and which parts of free will in movement will inevitably seem out of place or discomforting to those whom would assume to know the wholeness of an environment or personhood? Know thyself! Distinctions in that which must be absolute and complete, the excitability of data and the elicitation that could be supposedly claimed by environment or unfair and and illegal observation. Information reliability and the need for fair due process in that which is intellectual property and intellectual freedom. Trivial limits of that which seems or becomes important and the ways in which imagination has been tricked, distracted, and carried away by global alarm mechanisms and risk assessments, by any amount of conditioning that could be applied or supposedly used as though part of any system or systemic, naturally, as though complete in separation or impartation. The ease of tricking imaginary space and the need for imaginal reckoning against that which could ever try to claim the conditioning experienced in industrial society and the more common cognitive distortions we all suffer from on account of industrialized culture. Focus and diligence in that which is useful and physiologically sound. The excitement of space and the indicative nature of that which is necessary or that which is automatic, these hearts beating in glass jars for only the electricity, unseen forces and the reality of instinct and imagination. Of all the ways focus and attention have been warped by industrialization, the assumption of commons in accordance with a wholeness or complete partiality of being or environment could be the most dangerous. To assume we already know, to assume we could never know, a closing of the universe of discourse in one dimensional cages. No escape...The society of the spectacle, DeBoard, and the ways in which a given has changed, some supposed want for commons or common sense, and the need for individualism. Environment and person-hood in the actuality of constant performance, the character, figure and situations of interaction and defense, the ways in which attitude, performance and behavior in environment could be reckoned, not to avoid some sense of non-present audience: God is always watching...

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