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Oh, God.

Divination of space and the distinctions of timing, the referent points of recombinance and any amount of fragmented supposition in that which is supposedly relative and or connected. The differences or similarities in that which is natural and applied, the actuality of quantifiable and qualified information and the reality of indeterminable data. Measureless weights, the thoughtlessness of composition and the ways in which any amount of data or information could be interpreted or the ease of misinterpretation in context. The relative conditions of motion and the ways in which fluidity in imagining could trick the senses into semblance and coincident, the transforms necessary to every physiological structure of information and the ways in which any amount of chemical or electrical conversion could be taken out of situation, away from character and outside of actual figure and resolve. The distinctions of space and timing and or these assumed similarities in the imagining of fluidity, the assumptions of a straight line and the ways in which timing loops around. The wanted significance of time in that which is almost stillness, the fastest we could possibly move in this universe of constant motion being actual and imagined stillness. The wanted linearity of timing and the ways in which a straight line could trick significance, especially in lining out numbers. These charts of circularity or the cross-word puzzle guessing for possibilities replaced by the cells of a rectangular puzzle in numbers. The ways in which any amount of data or information could relate or seem to recombine in effect and affect of evolution and growth, and the ease of personalization upon environment and body. Divining empty space, the indeterminable shapeliness of that which is beyond and the ways in which imagination could trick knowledge in assurance and apriory. I don't want to worship nor seek after my own imagination, but actual knowledge and that which is possibly beyond it. The ways in which any amount of timing in separations of fragmented segments could seem as though partiality fit to another part of whole in endless fragments upon fractions and imagined wholeness to endless potentials of fragmented imaginary with no actual homeland. The need for discernment and differentiation in that which is information and imaginal, the ways in which any amount of data or information could seem to recombine and make sense in any 'given' situation, especially in the wild, and the given oblivion of obviousness in that which could seem likely but is not even actual coincident or accident but great guessing. If we trick ourselves into believing accident and coincident operate for us or our applied or 'natural' systems enough, the placebos of belief and the illegal use of indeterminable data could create dangerous mythologies that aren't conducive to seeking out reality, knowledge and personal perspective. It's all in the timing, and especially assumptions on linearity and universal constants therein. Cavendish family motto: Be Safe By Being Cautious! Constant inconsistencies and the ways in which assumed partiality or wholeness of applied or natural systems could relegate chaos and randomness to imagined order, the ways in which nature orders and the need for maximum efficiency. The cognitive economy of rapid response, and the ways in which efficiency could come slowly, chaotically and be constantly testing therein for further efficiency. How often does nature take the long way around? What ideas of efficiency in speed and agility for survival are not necessarily as conducive to growth in evolutionary possibility and experiment? Again, assume we already know, and how will we ever figure it out? Circumstance upon circumstance, partiality upon partiality in assumptions of attachment to an imagined wholeness, the wanted cumulative suppositions in that which is beyond, and the actuality of Monotheism in that which is singular, but of no numeric significance therein: beyond measure, and which is separate and innate simultaneously. A Wholeness that could not contain me, that must exist within me as no actual partiality nor wholeness.

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