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Oh, Gravity

Excitable limits of space, the reckoning of figures beyond sense and that which is beyond thought. These conditions for sparks and the electricity in the air, these negative ion inferences and the possibilities in any amount of data. The distinctions of difference and defense and that which tends to condition portions of repetition to newness, portions of these sparks lit to extinguish in path, the distances between any number of paths or the similarities between them, the positions of unrest or that which is considered universal in postural reflex...the actuality of movement and free will, the numberless, measureless contrivances of that which could exist, these positions of the junk DNA we throw away or the information that has been focused beyond any notice of peripheral. These positions of interest and that which is considered interest or investment, the focal positioning of timing and that which is considerate of actual environment, and that which negates it for impossible limits to connectivity. Variability in supposed isolation of that which exists in the WILD...The impossible limits of personal perspective and any amount of guessing for similar instancing based on timing or postural reflex, the isolation of indicative message in environment or perspective of body depends on the will of the observer, and on actual participation...removal from free choice will never be disproof of free will. The differences or similarities in that which is considered comparable, and that which plainly doesn't make sense to even compare. The exactitude of daylight and these dust particles charged to paths in distinction and semblance, the figures of unrest and that which supposedly sits still: these paths of space and distance created by electricity between particles means we never really touch anything, especially a solid, but the electricity offset by that object. The assurances of that which is supposedly actual and the differences in that which is real: the reality doesn't always make sense. These mysteries of thought and environment, of body and the Earth, the untraceable limits of proximities and the paradox that is inevitable in any natural system...Matter in mind and these electric contrivances of movement in stated matter slightly beyond its stated conditions, the idea of stated facts of matter and this universe of constant change, the indicative power of timing and the space in which any amount of timing could be observed or occupied*. Beauty and volatility in the changes in nature, that which is different only in the eye of the beholder, and that which is considered true. The wanted reference of being in the wrong, the need to expect Murphy's Law and the excitements of space in that which is wanted distraction or interruption, the need for patience and focus, these conditions of recombinance in the factors of that which is considered actual information or imagination, in that which is useful or not for use, the shifting states of matter in mind and the points at which we have imagined a solidity or stillness that is useful...Absolution in information reliability and that which is beyond thought, beyond imaginary, and beyond sense while still connecting us to our environment? Air...Why would I imagine it mostly electric, these invisible paths of assurance which formulate the possibility to guess at anything, the distances traveled by lightning and the quietness of that which is within the earth. The sinking feeling in considering differences in time, deep time, falling or rotting fruit, the significance of a raindrop like a penny falling from the top of a roof and these atmospheres of separation in that which is considered timeliness, in place value and the indicative nature of that which cannot be measured with time and space...time and space. Cavendish, to be safe by being cautious, these limits to measurement and that which is actual in electric falling to the differences in space and time, and the actual gravity of these situations. Keepin somethin' together...attraction forces and that which cushions atmosphere of dispersion in weighted difference and these dreams of gravity that turn to swans and carry us to the Moone...lift, drag, constants of thrust, conditioning in velocity and the conditioned weight of carrying something as simple as a message.

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