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Divination of space timing the efforts of frequency and amplitude in magnetism moving particle by wave forms, the wanted electricity of dimension and that which solidifies matter to place. Distinctions of space in that which tries to escape in void or chasm, no matter is created nor destroyed, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the ease and simplicity in pulleys and levers to prove the number lines of axis in zero inept at best, the movement assumed for information in quality or quantity or what could ever formulate origins without formulating for them? The differences or similarities in constructs of perspective and the speculations upon other dimensions in perspective. Observational bias and the only only allowable judge, jury, or executioners in that which is a matter of the will of the observers and any observational measurement with tools. Possibility and potential in that which is imaginal or actual information, the distinctions in usefulness or that which is beyond it in indeterminable data, in that which cannot be decided nor forced. The actuality of space and timing in that which is formulaic and repetitive, unapologetic exploration of alternative thought, there are always other options, there are always other alternatives, there are always at least a couple answers that were never heard at all in favor of the cognitive economy of rapid response, first thought must be the best for everybody, and any slowness can be deemed unnecessary at best. Decisions supposedly made by environment and the bias of perspective sense upon that which is surroundings, the supposed isolation of any singular chemical or electrical conversion or action and reaction is impossible, let alone additive reason, meaning and cause in the form of supposed function of any isolated compound or and action/reaction. The ways in which any amount of data or information could be 'spoken for' and the supposed usefulness of fact finding in instances of triviality that add up to a whole of non-sense. Underlying principle against over-arching metaphor taken in forms of circumstance upon circumstance to prove biased perspective is and ever shall be biased fucking perspective. Variability in timing and the guessing of similar instancing for biased concentrates of hive-minded claimant musing won't help intelligence nor any amount of natural and or applied system. The differentiation in imaginal and actual information cannot be decided by outside perspective, nor environment. The actuality of situation in that which is effecting and affecting character, figure and any amount of movement of situations themselves in accordance with character and figure are diminished by assumptive constructs of possessive force. Intellectual freedom and intellectual property in that which is considered 'imaginal' and that which is actual information, the ways in which any amount of environment could pretend to supply data or information and the actuality of character and perspective in actual information, the wanted escape from bias by spreading it amongst many who can hide their bias with their machinery aint conducive to actual information, nor reality. Displacement and dispossession, the wanted belonging of situations in proximity, participation, and paradox limits, challenges and values in circumstance upon circumstance will forever be 'proven' to hive minded bias. Always being in the wrong leaves no room for error, the escapes of escapades against sense and the delusion of perspective bias against any blind spots or humane reality must end. We don't want to live in a world built for machines, machines build for us. Devices of timing and number lines of sense knocked sideways in zero indexing numerous concave delinquencies of bi-decimal limits upon that which could exist beyond two decimals. The wanted variance in that which is in difference or similarity to supposed universal numerical schemes, the applied systems never actually been applied and can find enough similarity and difference to promote supposed usefulness, to pretend bi-decimal limits actually work or when applied could supposedly be helpful. Limiting to two decimals hasn't actually helped information, especially in its accuracy, and the necessity in this for networks bent on trapping as much useful information that aint theirs as possible seems to be the big idea. Information science still stuck up in the bi-decimal labido placebo cult, and no hope of anything beyond their hive-minded bias which will always be correct or corrected, helpful or else...make it a philosophical issue of information or imagination, of morale in data or another ease of supposition against Luddites, the facts remain. Divisions of multiplicative space and the conditions of unrest against limits enforced by applied systems which harm natural ones. The figures of unrest and allowances in opposition, the options for any millenial in the tools we have been limited to and the immediacy which probably stole information from Leonard B. Meyer, Norman D. Stevens, Charles Von Doren, and Lewis Thomas and could pretend it was already part of a bi-decimal system, or if it had ever been used in one, would be anyway...Sonya Sheridan and the American monopoly of information science, Christina Pert and the allowance for any opposition to the currents in labido placebo cult bi-decimal non-sense. Brand new, all alone in it, if it aint well recorded and can't be found on the internet, it must not exist nor be too important... Conspiracy, must be someone tryin to kingpin the interweb, or else...Leveling constructs of information and its organization, the applied systems constant need to remove natural components of reality, and the ever constant stand-by 'get with the program'.

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