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Options in opportunism: whatever yuh needed…

Magnificence, the notable or granting contrivances of vision according to the imaginary space that digests information beyond our actual senses. The metabolism of dreams or the lifespan of an imaginary event: postulates of figures we contrive in the divisions of laborious task, time and the management of the process we imagine having influence over. Convinced significances of desecration and the limits given in normality or the conditions of constantly changing while remaining the same wholeness. Sense for wholeness, metabolism of lifespan, the things that are supposed to stay dead. Lost cause and missing information, the friction of inspiration or the myth of motivating factors beyond actual accident or coincidence. Any cause, any more meaning, the necessary to opportunity or the needed for controlled commons. Measured significance, magnifies the splendid to whatever perspective seems befitting, momentary gifts or drifts, inspiration and the naming of imaginary events to the meanings we are as portrayal. Reconvenes the harshness to quandry of possibility, the driven endings to the deadened past: proximal limitations to personhood. Figures, the parting actualities frequent the lost or damaging missing pieces, blame the mis-fitting knowing nothing was never meant for a place. Hold lonesomeness to no place, divert the easily mistaken horribly confused mysticism for the balancing of actual coincidence. Whole organisms, unto self alone, these constantly shifting axis points reconvene the daytime to splits in jarred textures of medium, cut diadem like a cation to a non-sense region, splatter vernacular randomness for coincidental absorption. Picking up random lettering schemes in charted lists of the possibilities between the numbered significance. Nominal nomials, the best wishes for actually picking out what symbols tend to take to certain cutting or edging, the figures that define and derive us in shapeliness imagined as event in mind. Envisioned precision to imaginary events and charting the significance as though any cause or meaning would be ready and applicable irregardless, and ever must be part of some sort of longer list. Options in opportunism, whatever yuh needed…

Coincident is plenty.

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