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Parted Wholeness

The differences in distinction and that which is beyond notice, or that which becomes obvious. Focal patterning in the ways in which notice is taken, the partiality or wholeness of environment our imagining of it. The isolation of timing and placement, the divination of space from outside or beyond it, these conditions of limitation and the ways in which supposed notice or focus could happen without any actual attention. The blank staring caught out in divining possibilities beyond similarity or difference, in that which is underlying parable and mythology, in the rhetorical situation and its actuality in phatic application. Assumptions of wholeness or partiality upon environment aint conducive to reality, the actuality of attention and focus cannot be wagered or guessed at based on apriory in patterning of vision or otherwise. To guess I am a whole part or part wholeness, empty overflowing, these parts of self in environment and this environment becoming parts of myself. These pictures, still frames of past, the mountains bracing toward the sky in suddenness and intervals that cliffs seem to skip, suddenness and parted thoughts falling over the hillsides, wide open. What parts of these same hillsides did my ancestors see when they first came here? These formations must have changed so much over the years, these still, stoic pictures of these mountainsides and the hard faced people in front of them, these contrasts of space and the things that became important to us or semblance. Focus and attention, these mountainsides climbed the wanted partiality in wholeness that means some sort of connection that can be assured with the world around me. But this is a basement. I can't even see the mountainside I know is there outside my door, parted wanted wholeness, the significance of patterns and the need for difference in the differentiation of space and that which is actually notable. These gossip columns or the very First in Winter Carnivals, perspective chance and the ways in which imagination could see an entirety of a picture, while I cannot see anything. Does it matter that my ancestors saw it, too? The distinctions of information and that which is noticed or of importance, that which has been forgotten or left out, the focus of information and data and the ways in which it has shaped these ideas of wholeness or partiality in environment, of assumptions upon this wholeness or partiality in environment, of the want to be beyond sense and recognize the obviousness: that time and space ain't goin' no place. The size of the trees I could fit in my mind and the ways in which body is wholeness of self and part in and of environment, the imagination and the ways in which instinct and imagination could guess for possibilities in the environment and through premonition help us survive. Exacted divinations between imagined wholeness and the actuality of partiality in environment: conditions of survival and the ways in which a partiality in seperate body must inevitably be part of wholeness, and the ways in which that idea or possibility of wholeness could instruct imagination, intuition and instinct, as well as premonition. The powers of the imagination and the divination of that which is actual in partiality or wholeness, to either direction, where does it stop? Imagining a wholeness don't depend upon an idea of deity, does it? Morphological underpinnings of that which could possibly have a stance in origins of a physiological construct like, a wholeness in imagination we're allowed” to have or notice...Dear God. Concepts and mythologies have always helped us develop, grow and invent, etymological interpretations of the world in word and myth and rhetorical situation have developed our capabilities in seeing ourselves as part of or wholeness with environment. Every tribe is absolutely correct. Beyond shallow omnism, there is healthy plueralism in that which is reckoned as actual and focal, in being open-minded and recognizing the fallacies in broadened assumptions upon imagination and its supposed allowance. I'll imagine the origins of an idea of wholeness in environment is because of a concept of God, or Monism, but what else could I be missing? One of the hugest distraction points of all time...Oh. My. God.

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