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Path and Shape

Shape and path

Path and shape

Shape and Path

Difference in color contrasting shapeliness

the height of branches almost entirely obscures

distances imagined, seemed like a short path

the altitudes of distance and looming expectancy limits

seasons changing without notice

the coincidences of falling down looking upward, distracted noise

the differences in these leaves bright movement

and the river hushing.

Falling or rotting divides of time

thin air escapes expectation, difference in distance

the recurb of season, these small increments

of non-melodic noise, a distance traveled

by evergreens in root systems

catching a pattern of swaying wind

Gold and evergreen, gold and blue sky

these musical dreams and noisy underpinnings

a tree to take my pulse, wind for the pressure

word needs from my lungs, spoken or not

the wind a hawk and eagle drift on, now

smells so warm and cuts so cold.

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