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Pattern, Path

Definitive space and timing, the reckoning of indicative and the ways in which thoughtlessness convenes in path and wonderment to formulate something new. The decisions in that which is beyond working to become something, these convenience issues and the ways in which supposed newness concentrates reference and research, and the ways in which conditioning permits ease. The variability of data and the soft elicitation in imaginary, these impressions or expressions of possibility and the ever present scenery. Emotional landscaping and these decidable conditions in that which is experienced of the environment in the wild variability of nature, cliffs never covered in snow reaching toward the heights of peaks beyond, trees clung to the hillside bare and dark in contrast, these intensities of sight and the ways in which portions of daylight could seem similar or different, the ways in which these roots have reached over so many ancients, each chemical and electrical reaction a past or conditioned portion of what could be seen as present. These rivers poured through mountainsides and shaped them, steady constant quickening, the fall of water from the tops of mountains and the perceived stillness of place always moving. The frequency of pull in the magnitude of perspective, the decidable weight of conjecture or pressure, these conditioned measureless assurances of persona or otherwise in that which could signify anything if tried hard enough. The differences in distance and the solidity of anything, these solid faces of mineral and rock solidified by the temper of Earth still move, are broken down to pebbles and sand, ever moving, the imagined fluidity and solidity a condition of imagination in agreeance or the divination of perspective besetting entire ecological systems. These measures of wanted pressure and weight, the sinking of a bank next to the shore and the cliffs that must have hung there before, the wanted systemic reach of conditioned normality or perspective sense, these enormities of mystery and the standards of answers beyond sense. The reality of space and timing in that which is ever moving, the solid liquid and gas in that which is constant motion, these electrical conditions in that which is noticeable and the sense of matter in mind, especially in natural movement. The vapor evaporated to clouds, remaining in the movement of water, or the imagined steam rising in the morning to meet the side of the hill, the cliffs contrasting the wanted solidity and work of water, these minerals and rocks changing constantly, inconsistently reframing the sky where their shapes have fallen from. The wanted dendritic forms in that which can grow, the leaves mimicking minerals, these patterns in nature working form to placement in potentials, gradients and limits of space. These wanted wide open places and the reality of the space in which mineral growth actually takes place, the shapes in morphological construct that could prometheate path and natural nutrient in growth and pattern. The eventual variance in that which cannot help but have difference, the growth in nature toward more individuality and the need for sense in reckoning underlying principle in pattern and ever-present possibility in that which is supposedly similar or different. Dictionaries of unrest and the formulaic ease in unchanging, the idea of solidity and sameness, and how different any amount of scenery could be every single time you glance at it.

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