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Distances in thoughtfulness, the contrivances of daylight convening with the sparks in mind, these particular masses of possibility and the chemical and electrical conversions of space and timing. The wanted difference or similarity in that which is measurable, the counted impressions of potentials in that which is guessed based on surroundings and possibility in ever present base elements. These conditions of interest or investment and the ways in which any amount of invention could trick the senses to definite functions that are actually just action and reaction. The ease of perspective leniency in that which seems connected or in continuance, the ways in which repetition and formulaic wonderment tend to garner ease in guessing or assimilation, the ease of conditioned space and the ways in which any amount of that which has been conditioned in the long term could be over looked. Short term conditioning in that which tends to make sense for a moment of focus in accordance with surrounding autonomy, but when removed from certain mediums or space, no longer makes sense. The conditioned normality of that which is assumed newness or easily given attention, the distinctions in that which is part of a natural or applied system and the ways in which especially entertainment has skewed these ideas on purpose. The wanted immersive values of circumstances upon circumstances and the ease and necessity in free thought and doubt. The critical measures of that which is possible and the wanted distances for light within or light without. Immediacy in the ways in which any amount of environment could attach to perspective or make sense, the actuality of distinctions in distance and the ways in which electrical arc can trick space. These bent corners of sunrises and sunsets remembering the time between possibility and perspective, the wanted isolative conditions that will never actually exist and these bodies of bacteria always actually touching and morphing in simultaneity. The wanted connectivity or continuance of data or and information and the ways in which any amount of observational bias could trick any perspective to a system of limits and assumptions in immediacy. Crowd philosophizing assurances of supposed shared space or medium in tricks of immediacy and perspective bias cannot prove anything. Information reliability and the ways in which any amount of data or information is supposedly its most useful, the tricks of linearity and non-ending circumference and the ease of missing spaces in misuse of the idea of zero. The wanted elliptical swinging centrifugal forces, the oblivion of obviousness in that which is supposedly attracted and the distinctions of timing and space based on personal perspective and sense. Perfections of motion and the ways in which any amount of imaginal or imaginary could limit in forms of assumptive measure in assimilation supposedly necessary to imaginary space but really creating mediums of unrest and assumptive bias upon meta-puppetry at best. Only the deleted parts, or these particularities of junk DNA and the parts always missing, all in the timing and perspectives of censorship. What's really allowed, the divination of light and the wanted interests of invention, the actuality of the ways in which zero and one easily trick us to unfair observational bias and the utter lack of ANY other options. Measureless worth, the potentials of any space or medium and the wanted exactitude of any amount of biased limits to space or timing, the ease of conditioned immediacy in any amount of supposedly shared space and the assumptions upon body in supposed removals. Confusions in the separation imagined from the means of production, the wanted connectivity of data or body being assumed as thought existent else-wise or elsewhere, the distinctions in personal space and the ease of disregard for privacy. Already belonging, already belonged, newness and the variant reliability of formulaic and repetitive works, guessing at ease and the measureless actuality of that which is beyond sense, beyond imaginary, and beyond perspective.

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