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Pressure Surroundings

The positions of certain door frames; the instances you happen to catch yourself in or the ways of tripping through uncertain places for the sense of falling. Always in need of release, these captivated animals dosing ourselves with time in front of screens or listening to the far distance of silence beyond these blaring shoves we give ourselves in outside materials. Where did you hear that particular sentence, and how did it time you to a certain death of sound or could you possibly escape your own antithesis in a comma or question marking. about itself, letters to themselves and non-sense or the graphed; these impossible limits to wonder or the ways to escape the conditioning of particularity and perspective disintegration or discovery that must be all to oneself. The similarity of creativity and the individuality of thought, the postulate congruence necessary the illusion of dimension or will solid enough to hold but can pass itself along in distress or will as solid as the sense of touching or stimulants all easily accounted. By now, there are whispers that want themselves enough to formulate for moments of imaginary space and catch up indicatives of self for participation; there are vespers for the couched questions i let linger without realizing their rest or recall. Observations aware of self without indication, those beyond stretched lines guessing wariness and decency for removal as if every space in which escaping or escapades evade my every capability of digestion, there are still portraits for reminiscing the movement itself, that themselves are ever moving. You take self removal too far. Confiscations and laughter drawls for situations inviting for the nobodies portrayals of themselves for moments between masking and insurance persuasion guessing and fortuitous lengths of scarring ditched to better timing and gifts instead of tricks. The self assurance kindness as vanity turned away from such damaging reminders as those potable retrievals of distance in reliance and inevitable banality as parts beyond identifying becoming usable passages beyond distracting conundrums of revenge. Distortions or dreams and visions for future besides the futurist plots of perfectionist separations or easily adhering absolutes that find contrite betterment serenity promises or accidental promiscuity and easy risk leverages. Portions fit frames for relevant instances, passed and dissected themselves as the room beyond the perceived surroundings.

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