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The ways in which a body could heal itself, psychoneuroimmunology and the ways in which imagination and instinct could trick the senses. The differences in defense and that which is known or acknowledged and the ways in which unknowing effect and affect the body and environment. These conditions in that which is recognized and that which is beyond notice, and the ways in which a body could separate itself from environment. Nociception and the ways in which conditions of discontentment and unease are automatically rendered and met with. The ways in which mystery consoles and the “separations” from reality that could heal. Supposed separation from environment or body in the partiality or wholeness of imagination and instinct, of physiological constructs of source-less electric and the imaginal infinitum. The ways in which conditions of potential and significance could supposedly measure individualist initiative and personal patterning and the need for distinction and difference. These conditions of unrest and the ways in which the environment could seem to be separate or innate, the actuality of body never separate from environment and the reality of imagination, these separations of wanted wholeness or digestible partiality to these conditions of industrial society. The reckoning of space and the timeliness of reflexes, these physiological constructs of imaginal space and the ways in which the body can imagine and fathom possibility and belonging, change and the beauty of volatility in nature. The frequency and magnitude of these inner matrices and the conditions of recombinance in the supposition of medium beyond that of tissue for imagination? The actuality of limit to imagination and the reality of individualist choice and belief. Physiological constructs of imaginal space and conditions of placement for information and data that could afford to not be active, but resting or passive. The actuality of staphylococcus aureus in the body, at some points being virulent, at others being necessary to digestion, and wanted applicability in that which is going on physically in psychoneuroimmunology. The idea of healing oneself, the reckoning of placebo in realization and the mystery of unknowing. These conditions of faith in separations capable in imagination and instinct, the physical reactions of “shelving” with imagination a chemical or electrical reaction that may have normally happened. And at any point I can't heal myself, it has little to do with my own faith, more to do with my imagination and the most to do with physiological constructs beyond my control. Individualist initiative and patterning* (an old naturopathic journal from the 70s), the ways in which instinct and imagination could condition comforts to that which is devastating or unreal. The necessity in imagination and instinct, the ways in which a body could condition reality to comfort-ability, survival to courage and comfort and the ways in which industrial society has tricked physical conditioning and response to begin with. Reaction to the ways in which industrial society or workmanship has tricked our bodies, and the ways in which belief could trick a physical system of imagination and instinct. The ways in which culture has encouraged the imagination and the wanted free thought in possibility and capability in evolutionary conditioning. Impressions of soft data elicitation and the ways in which imagination could be shared, the ways in which the imagination could reckon environment and body as partiality or wholeness and the supposed separations of metaphysical data, which is a physiological construct.

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