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REST, the REST at, ResT

The distractions of thought and the wanted nothingness of curiosity left unfulfilled, unanswered, a greater mystery, not a sure set of absolutes. The constraining impressions of indignant vanity in the want to control and contort indeterminable data, the want to define that which is undefinable while describing silence…The weight of assumptive perspective and the idea of audience in creating, the presence of information beyond its actual solid state, the idea beyond actually having one, definitions of meaning or space that’s already been taken, that has sure set purpose and promise and potential, swearing. Diagonals of sight and definitions of belonging, the way a shelf turns consciousness, the indicative motives of assumptive process and the delegation of focus. Importance and decidability factors in thought construction and the parts of thought engaged or free. Immensities exacting non-sense and derivatives of subject matter splattered across idea and fervor for curiosity and free thought. The defining, demanding, wrent postulates of acceptability and usefulness, an underlining assumptive construct automated, changes for ease or commonality or futurism. Allowance factoring in fractal patterns of capability and allowance, exactitudes of effort and affluence, convicted executions of design and destiny, importance decidability manipulation becoming shapeless forms of assumptive motion beyond any actual recognition. Random, chaotic seeking out of patterns, the recognition of some places beyond any sure or set relegation or demand returning indicatives outside pattern, giving refinement or potential by accident. Postulate pulls of indicative possibilities in imaginary space. Thoughts left beyond description, outside of any amount of focus or indicative, measureless conditions of impression and expression, the thoughtlessness of the here being of now, unrelenting and uncaring figures of decanted enchantment or failures remembered and applied as automatic constraint: refinements in possibility and regulatory risk assessments in focal devoid patterning of the most or least of anything, extremities of scaling and absolutions of perspective observation.

Imagined Experience

A reality


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