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Formulaic, repetitive ease in difference or similarity of any routine, the distance beyond thought and the thoughtlessness of creativity. Shapeliness beyond thought, distances of portioned daylight, the variable weights of partiality and taken apart options beyond any. The divination of concern or divergent patterns in that which is forgotten or the ease of reloque in that which escapes supposed commons and that which is beyond any amount of semblance or difference. The suppositions of justification in that which is real, and the need for accuracy. Bent corners of horizons filling enormity with scales to tolerate (Goldbarth), trivial distortion in that which is focused or in some oblivion or another. The distal configurations of that which is regulated beyond any fairness, the wanted connectivity or continuance in any amount of repetition or formulaic writing. The conditions of unrest and the allowance factors for dissent, the phantom assurances of togetherness for the sake of unnecessary connectivity that don't exist. Exactitude in timeliness and that which is one way or another through any amount of common conditioning taken out of context, the usual is never enough or and what's actual and real just won't do for whatever reason...Accidents happen, coincidence is plenty, the divination of supposed motion in that which is assumed of a mechanical universe and applied as though something else, the divisions in the multiplicative functions of that which is beyond imaginary, beyond thought, and beyond collective? The exactitude of others experience and that which is assumed of imagination in the inconsistancies of that which would try deciding against personhood and perspective for the sense of control or contortion of data. The actuality of conditioning and the ways in which reality and environment become easily tricked by imagination and especially, in that which is beyond absolution seeming more likely for any amount of vocabulary...Have someone else's flashlight, and say anything they illuminate with it belongs to them? The definitions of perspective cannot be decided by outside influence, and especially unwanted, unwelcome illegal influence. Taken forms and diligent unrest, the figures left to us and the supposed need in dignitaries to have super-vision, the wanted freedom from the oblivions of obviousness and the truth in fact: indeterminable data is not for use. Formless voids portioning dust in daylight, the paths and patterns in that which is past or the ease of current. The decisions of grip or tension, these necessary freedoms and the ease of turning an image in my mind. Another candle upside-down in someone else's mirror, surprising weights of that which could form potentials in motion, active, passive and resting, the variance of motion and that which is considered fluid or these Fourrier sequences of that which we could actually see, compared with these shapes in blind spots that could form any amount of potential or graft. Multiplicative subtraction in constantly variable space, decisions already made and these equations that have somehow come to rest, Nernst, Nyquist and Shannon, the wanted mediums of indicative value and that which is indistinguishable. The WILD variables in environment and the supposed isolation of that which is message from either body or environment in the indicative power of nature. Variant limits of thoughtfulness in the shapeliness of void, the wanted underlying principles in that which is a supposed natural system, and not applied. Oh, Mathematics, you bastard of a muse, the ways in which a corner bent to timing or these shapes in mind were moved from one position to another, and what once was memorized is now unrecognizable. The impressions of soft data elicitation and the ways in which a curve or corner could become the imagined straight line of a horizon. Measureless variant possibilities in any amount of data or information and the need for free thought.

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