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Derivatives of daylight, the conditioning of normality and the ways in which the oblivion of obviousness can cause certain focus. These constantly changing consistencies of that which surrounds us, the routines and sameness that could obscure that which is obvious or doesn't vary in the day to day. The ritual and routine in superstition and suspicion, the ways in which similarity and sameness tend to the portions of reckoning reliant on differences and sameness perceived in body and environment. The distinctions of persistence and that which is volatile and wild and beautiful seeming ordinary. Patterns of color in sunrise and sunset, the distinctions in rise or fall and the turning of time, these conditions of revelation and the purposes of landscaping. The brightness in skyline meeting the jagged edges of mountainside, the magnificence surrounding places and their values, and these sights and feelings of enormity and grandeur. The momentous occasional glancing at the hillsides and the ways in which courage and comfort become levels of notice and perspective. The immediacy of that which is assumed in response to the conditioned variance in glancing, in recognizing the exact same scenery differently no matter what. The same sunrise never happens, these colors always slightly changing, variance and variability conditioning focus to obscure beauty or missing portions of daylight based on distraction. Triviality and the needed separations from environment, the ways in which routine and ritual connect us with that which we know is similar but always changing, the significance in any amount of information and the ways in which decidability is conditioned. These perspective senses in the morning and the same focal devoid patterning in the evenings, these portions of predictability and the sameness in scenery. The volatility in beauty and that which can be noticed, the distractions in nature and the ways in which any amount of data or information becomes normal or accepted in applicability and potentiality. The testing of surroundings by the body and the ways in which adaptability decides focus, the importance of any amount of surroundings or beauty and the focus of most conditioning and normality in this industrialized culture. That which is seen as important or assumed as though connected and the oblivion of obviousness in that which goes beyond notice. Blind spots and the ways in which a candle could turn upside-down in irredeocorneal angular space, this place behind your eyes where the optic nerves crossover and refine image, right above the pineal gland. Interests and investments in that which causes notice and digestion of information, the structures of vision and imagination, the wanted partiality of placement in conditions of working parts, all these separate mechanical moves working perfectly together, placing sunset or sunrise in sparks of dust lit to path in memory, recalled in source-less electric and the imaginal infinitum. If my vision could actually reckon the beauty going on within me, would sight from without make any sense or have meaning? Beyond sense, these chemical and electrical interactions and conversions, the ways in which any amount of shapeliness could form space or the conditions of pathos in morphological conditioning of predictable shapeliness. The dendritic manifestations of possibility and the wanted forms of that which comes before path or these possibilities in underlying/surrounding field or medium. The conditioned portions of reliability in that which is formed within chambers and within certain emptied mediums of mineral and rock, wanted mediums for that which must be beyond everything, the idea that everything could come from nothing and the actuality of path and potentiality being infinite in a finite universe beyond assumptions of underlying intelligence or any sort of field. The wanted significance in the possibility of silence, clarity and stillness as underlying/surrounding field and the need to be in the wrong, the wanted mediums of underlying intelligence and separate fields of all knowledge or all information, the imaginal infinitum and source-less electric, that which is beyond sense, beyond imaginary and beyond collective and the wanted possibility beyond epistemic normativity in free thought and imagination. Chambers and voids, the ways in which morphological space is made and then filled, the possibility of underlying potentiality in that which becomes path or pattern and the actuality of the idea of everything coming from void and nothing, The of void or space? What sort of underpinning sense for path or space must there be?

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