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Devices of measureless space, the confines of imaginal reference and the wanted distinctions in timing and space for that which is beyond it. These ephemeral values of absolutes in that which is speculation, the wanted differentiation of movement from or about that which is possible stillness, or beyond any motion ever measured. The measureless distance of space itself, these origins of void or spaciousness and the possibilities in the distinctions of free thought and limitless possibility. The potentials of variability in that which is beyond natural systems or these wanted distinctions of shapeliness in that which must have some bearing in accordance with the turning points of reference within our own imaginations...The wanted exactitude of zero in a double root, these disappearing scales of conundrum and perspective glancing at immediacy and the ways in which reference and record can trick instinct and imagination. The curvature of a Zenith and the wobbling seasons on the planets ever changing congruence with timing and space, the wonder for possibilities in slowness and the differences possible surrounding actual stillness, as slowly as possible while moving as quickly as possible, the definitions of wanted deep time and the limits of wanted description: silence describes itself. The congruence of stillness in imaginal space, the picturing of still frames and the actuality of constant motion and change, the variability in potentiality in any amount of change from any amount of space, especially in imaginal speculation in abstract and conceptual. The wanted figures of difference and defense, these partialities or the wholeness of imagined space and definition, immediacy in sense and allowance of definition, these possibilities and partialities in potential, one blade of grass or an entire mountain range, these shifting lexicons grasping of commonality or simplicity or...silence. Pause and the wanted distinctions in pattern and morphological stance in difference and change, the possibilities for space or void housing or creating roots of actual clarity, silence and stillness as physiological constructs. The convenience of memory and the formulaic weight of timing in indifference and curiosity, the triviality in perspective and the wanted underlying or over-arching cause meaning or reason, the measureless conditions of possibility in that which is beyond and the variance of timing in any relative perspective, let alone the perspective bias itself. Eases of separations from immediacy in measure and speculative perspectives, the wanted deviations of place value and the non-congruence in growth, asymmetrical forces in nature and the potentials in any amount of gradient or surrounding medium. Measureless spaces for zeros, non-congruent chaotic and random abstract and conceptual possibility in free thought and careful wonderment. Gravity in suppositions of movement, the differencing of a change in timing and the seconds turned to minutes lost in years or moments of imagined linearity. Wearing away at perennial roots, the buoyancy in dimension and tendency to curve and wobble along a straight path, the curve in cornering relevance to the inevitable spiral in nature, the movements of the planet and the stopping stillness at which growth actually takes place. Spinning pendulums of centrifugal confusions, the upsets and imbalances to any natural or applied science and the actuality of natural systems, the variance in constituent motive and motif and the weight of actual accident and coincident upon the morphological spaces for growth or potential. The perfect coincident and happenstance in growth and the underpinnings of movement and space in that which allots or allows it, the underlying force or higher power in balancing the ideas of that which is beyond imaginary, beyond sense, and beyond collective: the wanted timing or measurement of precision in that which happens to work or doesn't in accordance with this natural system and applied systems. Imagining constants like double rooted zero, the space or the information itself becoming an absolution of both for a moment of momentum and divergence in pattern and path to creation of new, the reliance of prior path and potential and the wanted idea of newness, the necessity in difference for growth and the exactitude of semblance in asymmetrical coincident, the variance in thoughtfulness and the wanted distinctions of growth in time and space. Spiraled and coiling around itself, passing by similar points of coincident and creating new accidental growth and variance in random and chaotic possibilities. The wonderment of potentiality, these seconds of reach and the moments becoming centuries between, the repetition and repeating congeniality of beauty and the necessity in volatility and beauty in change and growth.

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