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Derivements of space and the inward glancing structures of decision and word, conscious choice and indecision in meaning and chance reconvene accidents in emptiness to contrast filling thought. Distributions of sense and containments of the measures possible in the makeshift limits given to suffice haphazard need for knowledge where there is none. Intertwining facets of decidability restrain everything at once, giving the chance that little enough could actually entertain to cause focus or cause itself. Nothing and Everything just beyond every decision of voice or choice in material, electric currents of inference and the possibilities in being actually electrified by something! Every part of the environment being currently presented, every part of that condescending to the actuality of interaction with just this small portion, perspective, sense. Removable limits of time and space reconsidering the positions of inadvertent data, of the present moment and the actuations of actually existing within it while having this amount of seperateness imagined in stillness, in creating a still portrait of indicative. Inferences of timeliness and incandescent change created in every small moving creature within us, every unexplainable transference between chemical and electrical data, another small arc, form, pattern in electric partially touching. The remove of dimension, this solidity beneath: no actuality but form and the electric cushion between tiny particles, nothing ever really moving or touching? Interest and curious indentations of memory and indecision: what could possibly solidify?

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