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Skyline broken across mountain tops, teasing the delicate colors of daylight from the angles of sun working to spread out. The angles worth measuring of sunrise or sunset and the differences in these timed zones of significance, these slight distinctions of angled momentum and the ways in which atmosphere could soak through with prisms. Beauty and volatility in the necessary growth in nature, the ways in which beauty and a-symmetrical sense of it are necessary to growth, and the spirals of conjecture working past perfection. The random and chaotic exactitude of accident and coincidence, these working suppositions of space and the pauses assumed in conditioned record, these ever-moving constructs of possibility and change, chance vagrance in choice and the pre-requisites actually catered to in morphological growth. Sound and movement, these Fibonnaci spirals or Fourrier transforms, space and its motion in a constantly inconsistent colloidal suspension of action and reaction in the anti-metaphysical and actual distance according to Ernst Mach. The ways in which any number or amount of supposed connections or continuances could occur is endless, and the ease of ambiguity only adds to the innumerable instances of possibility in motion and motive, in movement and its ever present sound. Reverberating and echoing centuries beyond any possibility, these wonders of hanging in mid-air and the ghost plasmids of possibilities past, these minute pathologies in schemes of actual isolation of any reaction in the wild aren't conducive to constructive measure nor elsewise. Supposed isolation of events in connectivity or continuance in information science according to Leonard B. Meyer places significance on musical sounds timing and linking events, these formulaic isolative powers of imagination are based entirely on the will of the observer, as Meyer had tested. A similar instance of timing to similar music is more common than in silence, but there are any number of probable explanations for a dance or postural reflex in 'synchronicity' too. This same sunset happened someplace else, these colors must have already existed, though almost every sunrise or sunset presents new hues or possibilities therein. Spiraling, wobbling and turning in silent space reckoned these places for supposed stillness, for solidity, these possible motifs conditioned wear and years being stretched into days added or taken away during a leap or these daylight hours timed in change and the losses in ticking minutes expected to never return. Vast angles of pressure and persistence, these accretions of timing and the space necessary to indicative in growth or the semblance in any amount of data which has already existed: the figures of leave or retainment, the potentiality always present and the will of the observer in any amount of circumstance upon circumstance. The underlying principles in cognitive distortions of space and the assumptive connectivity in growth and environment, in the closeness of a sunset or distance to actual space and timing of supposed indicative sound*. The moment the first ray of light is free from the horizon, there are minutes ahead or behind the fullness of the sun. Imagined noise, sound and indicative measures according to the clouds in fierceness of distances according to the winds, and the haunting sense of the wind in anyone's doorstep. These wanted static noises, and the ease of applicability in color charts to noise and sound, these waves of indicative and the Lorentzian/Guassian postulates of spacial indicative and the probable potential in noise like the movement of static. Guessing stance...

Horizons dancing light against the scenery

devotions of change, always moving

these differences along a trajectory

marking one places vastness

to a simple prism, the spacing

for change, unforgiving wild

The clouds deciding their face

along a rain shadow, dumping

someplace, here leaving

only rainbows, droplets and light

Here bright peach, nearby burgundy

time zones reaching across


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