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Distinctions in weighted differentiation, the pull or push of difference or displacement and the wanted movement of space and timing in imagining SILENCE, CLARITY, and STILLNESS. The differences or similarities in that which is imaginal and the wanted speculations of exactitude upon that which is indeterminable. Weighted differences in displacements of space and the seeking out of actual stillness in a universe of constant motion. Momentum in pulling or pushing and the wanted oscillation beyond push or pull, the distinction in timing and the wanted velocity of mass moving no-where in pressured oscillation. Disappearing factors for recombinative values in multiplicative states* of zero and imaginal zero, the wanted distinctions of denominators worth capturing in space created by non-space, or potentiality. Obviousness in that which must still move and have sequence in accordance with an ever moving medium of existence, the variability in zero and the wanted static concept of an axis in that which is almost* beyond multiplicative value in change or constant, and the reality of numeric value that cannot be ignored, nor used as a constant. Static status in that which is variable in conceptual framework and in accordance with medium and volumes, mass and states of pre-existant movement and error. The reliability of error and assumptions of accident and coincident in frequencies of potentiality, the distinctions of time and space and the innoccular timing of supposed fluidity in space: accident and coincident aint necessarily attached to error, nor are cause meaning nor reason necessarily attached to underlying error. Volatility in that which is assumed as though part of a natural system, and the ways in which random and chaotic data interrupt assumptive conditions against nature and natural systemic reach in mathematical reality. The wanted variance or constant in zero and the actuality of constant change, these adaptations to absolutes creating worse offsets of indeterminable data and worse conditions for natural accident and coincident in assumptions of constants or apriory in predictions of variability. Bi-decimal cult assurances of space and time which has never actually hit the ground or surface, the conditions of acceptability and the bias of crowds in affordability structures based on limited standards and afforded bias in epistemilogical normativity encouraging impericism. The ease of misinterpretation in any amount of data or information taken out of context and the actuality of conceptual and abstract works, these predicaments of immediacy and the likeness or likelihood of any amount of space or timing in that which is morphologically sound and in accordance with natural systems and mathematical systemic reach. Silence, clarity and stillness as physiological constructs of metaphysical data, the ways in which imagination could be shared and the works of that which is beyond sense. Distinctions in timing and space, the possibilities in other dimensions and the flexing of plated electrical force in bio-film, exchangeable matrices in the same mediums and any other possibility for that which is possible in imagination and beyond sense, in silence, clarity and stillness. The tinsel of weighted metals between dimensions of thought, the possibility in any amount of conditioned conceptual space and the need for information reliability. Possibilities in abstract and conceptual wonderment, the necessity in uncertainty and the need for free thought. Conditioned constants and assumptive variability in speculations upon possibilities in imaginal space and the need for indeterminable data, the variance of supposed usefulness in any amount of indeterminable data and the inevitable volatility in any indeterminable data. The variance of unknown, these conditioned facets to acceptability or speculation and the unfortunate facts in variability, chaos, and actual random data. The wanted exacted mass of futures of imaginal velocity in what could be imagined as though attached or in common amplitude, magnitude and frequency of wave and particulate could manifest anyplace and seem accurate and true to any amount of speculation: thought I could imagine actual stillness, but Lo! Depends on the speculations on other dimensions, Hinton. What else could be moving for that type of illusion to work? Relative, oh, it's relative. Chemical and electrical conversions of confusion for that which supposedly hasn't been 'discovered' and the ways in which any amount of potentiality could be added to and or taken away from any amount of action or reaction. Action and reaction do not equal function. Function could, but does not have to equal action nor reaction. Free thought!

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