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Divisions in multiplexing, the ways in which anything could be connected and the actuality of wild variable in messages from chemical and electrical conversions. The divination of allowance in that which is useful and interesting and the ways in which environment or person supposedly decides message of or from environment. These conditions of recombinance and the guessing games of similarity or difference in that which is phatic connection in parable or rhetorical situation, in the actuality of that which persists and belongs. The wanted belonging to place values and the personable parts of environment, the wanted connection to necessary separations, the convenience of constantly variable movement and space, and the differentiation in the movement of possibility and conditioned practical. I don't need to decide anything to have presence, the distinctions of partiality or wholeness in identitarian limits to objectified models isn't accurate to movement nor nature. Still life portrait sense for wild variables and the volatility in natural change and indeterminable data, constant difference and inconsistency in growth, constantly variable. Don't go a changin'! The wanted differences in possibilities of movement and the fields usually employed in seeking out partiality or wholeness from environment or body, the ways in which mathematical systems could trick imagination into thinking something is natural. Instinct and imagination, of all the ways in which my brain has been conditioned to exist as a worker in industrial society, the unhealthy assumptions so much entertainment actually forces us to, the ease of manipulation in any amount of shared conditioning and the ease of personalization in imagination worked to fantasize and want removal from routine and chores. Discontentment, Hawley giving sermons to the stalking shelves and a course Walter Mitty's never ending daydreams. Entertainment aint removal from work, I cannot be separated from the means of production whether in a supposedly positive, supposedly negative and or supposedly neutral way. The amount of variables in the wild and the ways in which any amount of information could actually move or invest in place or place value, these conditioned figures of persistence and the ways in which any amount of inspiration could be owned like the wind before it's even in the turbine...Wanted figures of detached comfortability, the ways in which courage and comfort conveys necessity and the hated promise of obscuring in abstract and conceptual persistence. Ambiguity may obscure out of necessity, but abstract doesn't need to. Surrealism doesn't try to obscure or trick, either. Formulaic, repetitive, rambling, these conditioned implications of living in a rural place and the ways in which language shapes understanding and willingness to wonder. Attachment to environment and the ways in which value and perceived value shape potential and probable limit. Logistics and analysis, these missing volumes on connectivity and the wanted awareness of continuer theory, these meanings, causes and reasons already decided by biased outside perspective with no options for actual participation nor refusal as though non-existent, as if applying no meaning while at the same time deciding meaning through connectivity and continuer, as though in assumptions of always being in the wrong there's any room for error. Accuracy and information reliability in instinct and imagination, the ways in which any amount of environment or person could be taken out of context by unnatural systems and the need for critical thinking. These wanted portions of daylight and the numbers of perfected fit similarities or differences to any situation, millions upon millions in billions of people, at least, and the promise of confusion in over-specialization of that which is underlying conditioning, instinct and imagination. Measureless distances and the ways in which any amount of knowledge could become a limit, the distinctions in that which is imaginal or information and the need for discernment. Mental and imaginary event separate from environment? The exacting ways of curiosity and the need for wonder, the possibility in that which is beyond sense and the wanted separations from environment, this sentience in guessing and protenoia, this imagination and imaginal space and the wanted spirit of things. If I imagined my 'spirit' as separation or connection to environment enough, it's inevitable that some sort of physiological response may eventually prove my metaphysical imagination correct. Imaginary is imaginary.

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