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The Same Change

Fallibility and volatility: supposed mistakes in nature and the nature of change. The volatility of chance and the accident and coincident necessary to growth and natural change that can be easily manipulated or claimed to chance instances of perspective and assurances in human sense. Invariable differences in measureless constraints of time and the memory of nature in stints of what’s learned to be evolved and the progression of adaptation in fits of possibilities based on human feats and signs of earthly life. The process of counter-intuitive industrial interference against actual understandings of chance beyond claimant nature of human institutions bent on the use and ownership of chance, whether in religions or otherwise, becoming every part of our unnoticed environments. The inter-connectivity of even the most absurd human inventions to a natural system shows the nature of change and chance therein: the accounts of an invention becoming an actually natural one are few but what wonders of industrialized life could bloom beyond any of our inventiveness and what ways in which could anyone prepare? The ministries of sense bound to any consternation of reason and the incapacity of law to really form just clauses of inference for any rhetoric or rhetorical situation, for possibilities and human fallibility in invention and inventing. Constant change, the capacities of natural systems when blocked or unhinged by manufactured human institutions and systems, the ways in which we and/or our own institutions tend to change or impress us with information and data. The usefulness of any imbalance in nature and the measurements of natural change in human scales and easily misconstrued ultimatums of measure and value. Dividends of expression and impressions of inventions that could change the nature of change and chance, the hopefulness of human beings against accident and only ever in accordance with our own volatile natures, to escape this natural system that forms based on volatile relationships and chance encounters…forever subject to our own intensities, inventing always anew more options and ways to disconnect from this natural system, becoming systemic repression of needs and desires based on human models and modems of interactive allowance. Anachronisms and missing partners in nature, the easily escaped absolutes of human timing and the tyranny of the clock in misrepresenting the actuality of changes in daylight or any number of other listed examples of escape from what’s recorded as an absolute and absolved system and the actuality of its constant changing, even the change never being the same.

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