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The convenience of memory

unhinging delinquence frequencies

shapeliness forming

fractal voids foraging

unambitious fractions

one is completely over

being entirely alone

variant loss of timing

shapeliness velocity

predispositions of space

origins of void or

these structures

blankness emphasis

pre-fect chaotic

dimensional congruence in differentiation

the wanted beauty of an image or

trace-able theme or decisive interest

or worth

potentiality, gathering static and the humming

wanted spiral, wanted clarity

understanding and care:

not indifferent. Indeterminable.

Several moments ago

the time swept past again

returning pretend ratios

for rates and conditions of spiraling

balance and wobbling interest and

it’s too concise, how to

love mystery, 11:11

precision, discernment

almost automatic response

attentive reasoning and the timeliness

of release or constriction

orderly multiplicative force

divining instrumentation


Sediment meandering along

glistening sunlight pouring over


adjusting heights to reach (for)

timberline remainders gripping


moisture carries sunlight

puts it in the alpine


whispers carried willow

concealed creek from lakes

drunk deep

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