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The variant reliability in that which is wild, the suppositions of supposed randomness and that which is beyond imaginary, beyond sense and beyond collective. The want for accuracy and information reliability in that which is body and environment, the need for perspective sense and the actuality and fact in that which is forever biased and indeterminable. These conditions of weight and the pull or disintegration of that which is beyond, these wanted figures of unrest and contaiment values and the distinctions of caution in that which is supposedly constant. Conversions of information and the ways in which imagination is fomulated as part of environment, the ways in which separation happens cannot be decided by outside bias. These sunrise and sunset patterns in that which is supposedly indicative to nature, the ways in which we tend to find semblance and differences worth attaching to us in just about anything, the adaptability of body and nature, the endless possibilities in a finite universe and the recombinative values of chaos. The distinctions of interest and the ties of focus, that which in reflex seems likely but is actually beyond any reckoning. Distinctions in that which is comfortable and the ways in which courage uses comfort, these persistent conditions of that which is actual information or imagination, the ways in which environment or body supposedly already decided for us. These conditions in adaptation and the ways in which change and volatility in nature convene and convert space to use and characteristic or disposition. The distinctions of action or motion in that which is confabulated in non-space, the shapes of supposed chemical reaction and the fallacy of guessing for anyone but yourself. The distal contrived leniency in that which is supposedly comfortable and the need to be different. The similarity or difference in any circumstance and the need for underlying principle in science, the actual rhetorical situation.

The character figure and situation, the attitude performance and behavior in the situation and the ways in which any part of this generalist charting of event could disappear. What reckoning for these lost or missing parts, if a situation suddenly completely loses the legitimacy of figure or character, what attitude or performance could possibly help? hopes and prayers for the American Dialectic in behavioral science. There are certain parts of interaction in reality and the transcendental imagination that cannot be decided nor determined, especially by outside interests. The transcendental imagination is without a homeland.

Character Flexing

figure Stretching

Situation Relaxation

Attitude Thought

performance Memory

behavior Imaginary

A basic table from my chart, it's a general chart that I have found at least ten different uses for that I have been working on for eight years or so. It's intended to help sort out data and information, basically. It is both very simple and extremely complex.

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