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Pressures of alignment and the friction of a bent corner, the exactitude of shapeliness and that which is beyond form. These conditions of persistence and the pull or push of differences, these similarities in that which is attracted and the tension that is almost beyond weight. The sunrise of imagined newness, these colors are always different, these portions of daylight never quite hit the same hue over the exact same landscape. Linearity in that which circles eventually and the significance in an imagined straight line. Coiling indicatives in timing and the ways in which past pattern and path pass by each other, the models of timing and the indicatives of possibility. Objects and subjects to the ease of duality or dichotomy, similarity or difference: the underlying pressure in that which conditions and attaches body to environment. Of all the automatic senses, these heartbeats and the ways in which the catacholamines effect and affect the wanted connection to environment. The imagination and instinct in that which is a chemical reaction, and the actuality of record in that which is an imagined experience and not the actual event itself. The need for accuracy in record and recognizance, in the actuality of that which is message or communication, the the want for imaginal space and the conditioned normality of triviality and suppositions in knowable data. The indeterminable actuality in that which is supposed of the environment and body of these subliminal and sub-conscious leanings in that which is imaginary, and these instincts which interact beyond. Placebo and belief in that which is imaginal and supposed of the environment and body, the ways in which perspective sense could beset an entire environment and the ease of personalization in cognitive distortions of reality. Imagined catastrophy otherwise, the ways in which cognitive distortions work, the ease of confusions in perspective bias and the myth in the escape of bias in large crowds. Philosophizing crowds escaping bias? Measures of conditioned normality and socio-cultural norm in that which is personal perspective and sense of environment, of that which cannot be decided nor completely normalized. The sense of connection to the world around us cannot be decided by outside perspective, no matter how persistent. The actuality of experience isn't automatically shared and definitely aint necessarily connected. The ways in which perspective and experience could connect or contain us, the need for free thought and free will, of all the experience connected by will, why would involuntary connectivity ever be wanted or necessary? Involuntary mediums and the ways in which reality and experience forgive and forget the wanted control and contortion of message, body and environment. Blissful ignorance, picking up sticks or supposedly unaware of them, noticing these seasons of changing and the structures of scientific revolution. Mythology and the information that becomes necessary in any amount of underlying parable or myth, the ways in which actual principle in language persists, the phatic and the story, the actuality of rhetorical situation and the ways in which something changes. Natural change and the volatility in nature, the ways in which language influences scientific reality, the rhetorical situation in that which is an underlying sense to message, body and environment. The additive or reductive change of story, the ways in which character, figure and situation shift in accordance with attitude, performance and behavior, and the flexing stretching and relaxation necessary to recognizing natural movement, the phatic being of place value and in context, the actuality of personal space apart from omnipotent narrative that doesn't make sense. The need for place value and context, the wanted escape from involuntary bias and or perspective non-sense. Looks like morning in your eyes...

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