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Underlying What?

Devinations of space, the ways in which environment could seem personal and the actuality of supposed connectivity. The figures of shapeliness and the wanted shapes or paths in that which is beyond sense, the ease of semblance in chemical and electrical reaction and the need for free thought. The nothingness of thoughtlessness, furtive mediums of possibility, the disintegration values of that which is passing by, this moment and the momentum imagined of it, these weights in referendum and the emotional landscaping that obscures actual physiological conditions. The wanted removal from subject, these already decided placements of cross-word capabilities and the amount of guessing in formulaic repetitions that could account for any supposed measure of accuracy in that which is fabricated coincidence. The ambiguity of validity and the oblivion of obviousness, what could seem obvious through any amount of well applied ambiguity doesn't necessarily apply. The wanted impressions of soft data elicitation and the ways in which information behaves beyond any amount of assumptive connection. The underlying mathematical principle in that which is supposedly connected and the ways in which bi-decimal inevitably limits. The wild variable limits of chaotic and random possibility in that which is actually happening in an environment, the compartmentalization of focus and the ways in which conditioned partialities in perspective could be tricked to assumptive wholeness, or assumed wholeness tricked to supposedly applicable partiality. Wild variable conditions in that which is actually exchanged and the ways in which it is digested in perspective, and recognizing bias that cannot be escaped no matter how large the philosophizing crowd could be. These decisions of decidability and the ways in which free choice has been disregarded. Indeterminable data and the willingness to wonder, the fearlessness to be in the wrong and the allowances of critical thinking in refusing to decide. Chaos, Thoth, these conditioned assurances of path meeting other or the actuality of data as nutrients, the ways in which information becomes recognizable and able to be reckoned with. The path and patterns of that which is normally experienced and the ways in which new information can effect and affect any system. Bad data dressed up in cowboy clothes, a villain of shit that don't quite fit or these continual fears for anything new. Rural cultural intellectual autodidactia, these choice conversions of space and the path or pattern imagined to get anywhere, the semblance in any amount of chemical or electrical action, reaction and the need to stop applying function as though decidable in meaning reason and cause by number lines or their jockeys. Indeterminable triviality and free thought, the need for variance, these conditions of unrest and the ways in which any amount of environment could seem like it belongs someplace else, or the ways in which belonging creates need for environment and the partiality that could be seen anyplace. The values of place and the need for courage and comfort, we are only met with circumstances we can handle according to Jerome Bruner, and the chemical and electrical conversions and actions are bound to be similar anyplace. The ways in which any amount of supposedly connected action or reaction could be taken out of context don't concern me. The applicability of any amount of data is assured at certain points. There is nothing new under the sun, no matter is created nor destroyed, the similarity or difference in anything will always be noticeable at certain points.

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