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The ways in which morphological stance turns a corner, pressured stances of potential in that which grows and works. The fables of mythological understanding in underlying principle and the need for parable in seeking out rhetorical situation, the ways in which growth decides function or cause and meaning try to make function from simple actions and reactions. The wanted ugliness in spinning thirds of relevance and the points at which beauty can seem ugly, these volatile measures of evolution, the natural chaos and random exceptions of slightly turned and spiraling motion in morphological motif, the wanted distinctions of timing in that which is constantly moving in relativity to other motion. The linearity of turning, the wanted distinctions of a time line or these actualities in spiraling referent motion, thirds turning to fifths in sequences of fractal distance to fill, building timeliness or gaps in distance, conditions of growth and the logic in any amount of wanted underlying absolution, the wonderment for that which is beyond sense. Wanted pattern in the conditioned wonderment of growth and morphological timing, the necessity in free neutral potential and the wanted charging of that which is beyond. The distinctions of movement without timing or the uses of zero as though an integer, the missing timing out beyond, in that which is pre-existent underlying principle, and new in every path and nutrient. The path being the nutrient itself, the data used to actually move being the necessity in nutrient: data as nutrient and the immediacy of chemical and electrical conversions. Wanted morphological movement and the deep time of almost stillness, the stopping frames between assumptive perspectives of Fourier transforms and the imagined fluidity in motion. This water everywhere, the water in the air we breathe and the wanted fluidity in motion, these blinking still frames or the differences in the ways motion works in imagination, these present moments of passing, already almost gone, moving unimaginably slow. Present moments momentum and fluidity, the distances imagined or traveled in growth and the wanted motif of motion in fluidity and pressures*, the distinctions of pulling or pushing and the wanted pulleys or levers of simple movement in growth, these lifts of stones from quarries by horses firing at 2,000 degrees within cylinders, the thresholds at which any amount of data or body could move or rest in uneasy relativity. Offset displacement and differences in momentum and pressure, the wanted distances for chemotaxis, Zeeman, and all the gaps in supposed measurement. The wanted lift and thrust of weighted trust in gravity as a constant and the need for gravity in relative bouyancy to the movement of bodies. Imagined fluidity in motion and the water that makes life possible in every way, dendrites growths in snowflakes and the chambers that make leaf-like structure in minerals, the wanted potentials in that which is surrounding and the actualities in place value. Not without the sky...The wanted knots in pulleys and the volumes of mass in the momentum imagined for actual stillness beyond zero. A moving vantage point in multiplicative stance, the numeric sense of an entire expression instead of simple number. These wanted differences in lift and turn, Jam Handy and the spokes to a wheel modeled for differentiating (differencing) motion and motive action, the quarries of pull or lift to translate the power experienced in vehicles: distinctions of placement in actual present moment and stillness like the Earth's.

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