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Wakes in full views of pools filled to emptying from the textures affixed beyond whatever radiance would define itself in the non-definitive or condition itself to sight in paths of relevance, already seen before, already enveloped and entirely set apart and alone. Beyond any participation, there were concerted efforts of particulars and digits to construct frames of daylight that conform or comfort the lists set to digest the relegation of thought progress or the timing for patterns that need digestive limits or absorb everything. Figures contrasting in the frequency of daydreaming, there are movements beyond any fluidity we could imagine, that seem so graceful, that happen so magnificently, that miss us entirely and frighten or condition themselves slowly and surprise us in acrobatics. Tactile senses for the derivatives positioned to affect the indicative or inference, to decide inspiration for itself and beyond any actual interaction: marks in path to direct the motion of nutrients as digestion, to serve beyond decidability factors, actual surrounding gradient of potential for absorption. What we tend to pick up. Static charges for stillness, uninterrupted disinvolvement and a catalyst of no induction, freedom for radical thought beyond irrational and beyond reason, conduction of free thought or the want for actual imaginary space. Weighted parts of distance contrived from the absence, a void particular to its own space of indicative, significant according to its own autonomous space and recombinative in actual chaos. the combining separates as induced, contracts at the same instant of instinctual velocity, becomes cartography for differential performances of alternative or potential. Patterned significant catches to memory frames for the idea that memory entirely separates itself from imaginary, or that any one of these energetics is entirely isolated or able to operate as though separate from any other function of the brain or the body.

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