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Venus Sinus

Morbid testaments to the sights left unknowing or the assumptions easily born of misinformation and association in assumption. Each meaning so sure of itself, the page to relegate its own devices and the remainders of place recourse for the ever present imagined need for closeness, always at the cost of space. Ambiguous degenerations of thoughts’ progress and the possibilities of exemplary significance purposefully removed. Options left to the neutrality of egalitarian thinking remain few, and punishable irregardless of intent or actual context. These phantoms of ideologies to interrupt the concepts of missing lost and valuable information misused and kept to its falseness for the commons or idealogies of standards and their absolutist compartments for over-specialization of roles and ideas, especially imaginary ones. Cross the boundaries, the gifts of thought to bless each passing isolation value condenses venom and curse to each portrait of absolutism and authoritarianism. And the ONLY alternatives, the same application of ultimate and only, of the necessary and supposedly helpful to that cruelty used to condone such otherwise optional helpfulness. Condolences to conscience, it’s never to be expected.

What ephemeral air of passing wind in humour could bless precisely enough to be claimed for others’ ambiguous need to attach to the world around? Imaginary event to produce such senses or the bodily digression of which came first, this observation of flesh and its embodiment in motion and operant structure. Curvature of space between intent and inspiration, the process assumed and contained? Here, the closure asked in such, operation or function? Ever changing, morphological constants, the structure always the highest regard and all we ever see of each other is already dead. Every part of human body eyes can perceive is already decayed beyond use, for the most part. What purpose, what meaning? Ambiguous validity, how much information that is absolutely true case and fact to standards is actually completely false? Proven so, and held with belief and commons as understanding that none can pass or upset, lest the detriment forestall any creativity left to them. Never-mind, by now limits in standards completely escaped in limits of structure-less-ness, and have become infallible for such assurance. Only certain parts must apply, the ligaments of legislate to the body of knowledge already completely entirety and unswerving physiologic law, arbitrary immunology and the rotation of the shoulder blade, absolute assurances of daylight or movement in the same humming of bees wings or blades cutting through the air for lift. Rotten or falling fruit, the variations ever present in any amount of supposed validity and the negation of even ‘Venus‘ in the sinus and nerves.

Language allowance and application, what derivatives of compilation entirely escape, remain missing for more centuries of honest involvement with no attention. Conceit in divinities to condition understanding of body, of the world, negation of the language used to formulate in favor of less accurate and more scientific terminology. Whose use, for what accuracy? What names would tell us more function, what inferences would condition our understanding to the reality of our own minds more effectively? And if not to our own minds alone, what assumption of separate fields of knowledge necessitate these transforms but negate their usefulness in favor of the newest and ‘best’? The language used to describe imaginary and mental event isn’t necessarily helped by the negation of all the tools we have used to navigate thus far: the more accurate naming of mental and imaginary event cannot negate the language used and evolved from to form scientific process.

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