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The thoughtlessness in creativity, these moments of momentum and the nothingness of inspiration. The wanted formulate conditions of referent exactitude and the actuality of ideas and concepts, newness forming chaos and parts of random excitement formulating action and reaction outside of the norm. The indicatives of space and timing and that which is beyond sense, the wanted constructs of possibility in knowledge and cognitive selection strategies for potentials. Assumptive potentials of space and timing, the ways in which any amount of data or information could seem to belong or make sense and the reality of similarities and differences in proximal efforts upon immediacy. Proximity, participation and paradox limits challenges and values in scenarios of potentials and the pre-emptive peace possible in actual communication and humane interaction. The ways in which any amount of data or information could be recalled and the ways in which reference and record easily trick time and space to any amount of potential or wanted indicative value of place or time. The ease of predicament in that which is similar or different, the wanted paradox and underlying myth in the actuality of closeness or measureless semblance. Wanted inspiration and the ways in which any amount of apriory could trick suppositions of shared data based on proximity haunts and the ease of formulaic writings in bio-lingual feedback. The definitive in reference and the ways in which any amount of data could be outdated, any actual conditions of worth or just simply these endless popularity contests for the elites? Information reliability and the need for critical thought, the information and data itself in research and workmanship beyond what could be taken in reference or supposed usefulness. Knowledge and information itself beyond reference or record, the moment of the momentum, these instances the same in increments of creating memories or immediacy in that which becomes knowledge and information and the reality of usefulness. Time and space tricking information in reference or record, but really, us tricking ourselves in proximities of space and time to actual reference or record of a moment that must have happened before and must already be recorded. An finite universe of infinite potentials, could imagine time in any shape or as any object, that it continues and passes by itself is possible, time like a coil that's ended in meeting itself, these possibilities are only from others, this newness has formed before but is different than it could ever be or will ever be. The moment of momentum, these timing indicatives and the values of space, the amount of information and data in the world and the actuality of that which is supposed newness. The reference and record in prose, these distinctions of allowance and the belief that what I am writing is new, at least to me, no matter how many different points of reference could know any amount of my information, research or data, it is new. Why would we ever need to reference if we could all assume one? The distinctions in spaciousness and timing of relevance beyond proximities and immersive values in limits of immediacy and conundrums in non-sense and happenstances of actual confusion. The old chaos, the wanted random referent points of non-sense to nothing, to imagine an actual newness or pretend something that random could be thought of, the wanted and necessary exploration of the tricks in proximity and reference. Close enough? The ways in which conditioned thoughtlessness and potentials in record especially in abstract and surrealism encourage confusions: the necessity of being in the wrong and the need for comfortability with confusion. The willingness to wonder and not need to be right, correct or corrected, the wanted diligence in free thought and the indicative possibilities in any amount of data and information and the potentials possible in any amount of biased observations. Pressured limits of space and the timing of indicative conditions in measureless worth or the decidability of any amount of data or information, the absolution of some record and reference upon private space and the need for freedom. Nothingness, thoughtlessness...

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