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Warning (prompt)

Took another caution for the time against wonder

fought the conditioned frequency

asking about guidance in provincial

distrusting fierceness

this, for other voiceless masses

When the fear doesn’t silence

as if we had loud voices to begin with

quieted, complacent in friendly neighborhoods

careful warnings for cruelties

just in case, guilt can save your shame

and it’s a grace, anyway

the precautions become

wary needlessness or uneasy confrontation

spaces between the pain and fear

watched imaginary movement,

could picture anything

painted precautions in limits to paranoia

those to feel worried in cause or effect

blame concentrated or concerted frustration

a singular imaginary guarding

incurable warning defense

and says guard yourself, become more vulnerable

what could testify beyond any silence

in the horrible void: bewary beyond, but never show

in precaution to oneself alone, possessive

supposed strength or could have thought it was protection

in strange devices or unkempt ferocity

forgotten to the humane

what strange bravery would

ask for more vulnerability?

via Daily Prompt: Warning

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