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Variability in the wild, the concertion of space and the imaginal voids or chambers of absolution in that which could house or root movement or shapeliness. The conditions of interest and investment in that which is beyond sense, the speculations which have sanctioned off portions of allowance in epistemological normativity or conditioned normality limits in reference and record tricks with offsetting imagined impression or expressions. The inevitability of connectivity or continuer in imaginal space, the immediacy and ease of mistaken immanence in values of mental and imaginal event, the wanted congruence in that which is imaginary and the ways in which this dimension supposedly moves, the tensions of elliptical swing and the centrifugal forces of wanted and imagined stillness, these measureless possibilities and the wanted variance in chance and change in that which is beyond limit and indeterminable. The wanted indicative values of pre-ordained phrasing and the cause meaning and reason in any amount of placed value in accordance with observational bias and conditioned norm in speculative measure that has little to do with reality. The applied systems of interest and the inventions of comparison models, duality and dichotomies*, the wanted difference or similarity in that which is underlying principle and parable in what seems more like fable and myth. The sense in the wanted distinctions of matter and time, the space and timing of that which is possible beyond sense and the relevance in any amount of supposed observation. Shapeliness beyond force, these bent corners and the sunrises meeting sunsets in tandem, the concertion of spaciousness in accordance with others space, these objects always moving faster or slower than another, these definitive conditions of measurement and the positions of supposition in scaling according to balancing weight or scaling shapeliness to that which is beyond either. The imagined relevance in record and reference of that which is beyond and the endless possibilities in that which is beyond imaginary, beyond sense and beyond collective. Other dimensions of possibility that doesn't need ultimatums and completely decided upon points of reference or matters of scaling. The wanted differentiation in that which is measurable and that which can effect or affect a system and the wanted congruence or linearity which is innaccurate at best, and which has any amount of bias to discover proximity, participation and paradox limits, challenges and values. Immediacy and immanence in proximity values of assumptions upon other dimensions, the speculations worth consideration and the ways in which any amount of information could be used or ignored. Absolute assurances in thesis and hypothesis, no allowance for theory and abstraction, for uncertainty and the necessity in being in the wrong...The economy of rapid solution might suffer to the point we could actually HAVE to think for ourselves, and maybe not be so dependent upon the first response as a critical, slow idea that takes a long time to form and perform. The distinctions of difference in that which is repetitive, formulaic and has the ease of practice in praxis, the wanted free thought and critical wonderment in mental and imaginary event. Removal from free choice will never disprove free will, and it seems to devolve us to assume instant communication with no will, and to be working toward becoming a giant philosophizing crowd of hive minded. In hopes for free thought, and information reliability, the necessity in definition and some absolutes for most cannot be ignored nor changed, but neither can the need for uncertainty and abstraction. 'Be safe by being cautious', the Cavendish family motto, (Robert P. Crease) constants can always change relative to new information, no matter the imagined importance.

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