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Which Roots or Antennai?

Divisions of congruence in that which is assumed beyond imaginary, beyond thought, and beyond collective, the exactitude of necessity in that which is actual or imagined, these conditions of unrest and the actuality of that which is perception of environment. The actuality of chemical and electrical messengers from environment and the variables possible in the WILD. The distinctions of daylight and that which escapes notice or convention. The assurances of diadem or dialect in that which is weighted reference and the conditions of actual interaction and reference. The successions of possibilities in any amount of body or environment, the semblance in conditioning and the unconscious instinct and imagination, perspective chance and the beauty and volatility of change in nature. The figures of timing and the measureless worth of place values, these excitements of environment and the obviousness of any amount of chemical or electrical reaction in any sort of similarity or difference. Intensities of unknowing, the refusal to absolutely decide and the need to be in the wrong. The ease of misinterpretation and the convenience of the conventions of supposed thought or thoughtfulness...these impossible limits of supposed space that has no homeland, the conditions of unrest and that which is apriory. The variant reliability of shapeliness beyond motion, the wanted figures for imagination beyond a fraction, a variant reliant consortium of supposed mathematical assertion, of all the physiological natural sciences that cannot be forced to reconcile with the imagination or created environment, the mistakes in personalization and cognitive distortions of space and timing. Endless possibilities. Music was asking physics for typeface, again, convening in parts of wanted dimming to phosphate and backbones you cannot pass your hand through! Graft, these decisions of individualism and the necessity in reckoning that which could define itself as though natural and never actually hit the ground or surface. Quantity or quality of physical natural systemic assertions of daylight and nighttime, the sunrise and sunset of possibilities, meaningless, meaningless....indeterminable data and the wonders of unknowing. The decisions against decisions and the figures and shapeliness of that which is beyond sense, these wonders of wonder, the paradox and parable in that which is underlying principle against circumstance upon circumstance of likely enough guessing. Physical metaphysical has already been done, it's quantifying sans qualifying and the study of metaphysical data as a physiological construct makes fine sense in these quarters. Divination of space and that which tends to be incongruent but add to a whole, the random and chaotic nature of that which is actually outside of a system finding new roots. These aspen trees, I imagine them belonging here, but really, these root systems reach all across the world, even beneath the ocean, to grow in different places...there are also trenches of old telephone wires larger than a barge down there, but we'll pick and choose which chemical and electrical signals are absolute AND from what source? Not like any amount of machinery could decide origins...Morphological underpinnings of that which easily moves and changes, globular masses becoming christilline patterns just to change back again, these dentritic forms of growth and the masses of atmosphere that empowered it, the wanted newness in facts of finite universe, and that which escapes record or retainment. Indeterminable chance and variance, the shapeliness wanted and these thin air escapes, the choice variants or random seeming chaos to that which is concrete and defined, the planetary gears of differential space, the reckoning of pull or tension in that which is undefinable, and the underlying metaphor, principle, and escape from paradox in the actuality of myth and story. The semblance of any daylight in sparking certain points of dust to a pattern or path within me, these curiosities and the need for free thought in deciding not to decide...

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