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Indicative values of worthiness, the ways in which focus and patterning in attention condition thoughtfulness, notice, the ways in which we are used to experiencing the potentials around us and growing in accordance with natural and unnatural systems. The ways in which conditioning and expectancy in industrialized society easily trick the natural growth and evolution of natural body. The distinctions in applied or natural systems and the wanted indicative nature of that which is conditioned: impossibilities of immediacy, displacement and cognitive distortions in that which is intended to confuse and contort reality in unrealistic ways. The distinctions in that which is worthwhile and the decidable uses of any amount of information, relegated record or reference in that which is conducive or considered valuable in any system or imagining of it. The ways in which any amount of data or information could seem to fit, work or make sense, the endless potentials in recombinative values and the ways in which any amount of conversion of matter could be made to falsify connectivity. That spark of dust in me, the ways in which the sunlight must have divided the placements of possibility and the worth of any amount of grime floating in the air. The wanted distances for the firing of timing in mind, for the storage and digestion of these particles and their weighted reference or record in mind, the ways in which any amount of distance could be imagined or supposedly covered, Nernst, Nyquist and Shannon for assurances between synapses of that which is possibly taking place...anywhere in the environment. The isolative factors of measure and the wanted mediums of imagination, these conditions of interest and investment and the inventions lost to assumptive conditions in observational bias and confusions of isolation. The wanted indicative nature of that which is motion, the conditioned absolution of timing and space, these illusions of measurement and the wanted actuality beyond guessing games for similar instancing and or the ease of fragmenting parts of reality and or source-less electric as though absolved in potentials which are non-present. The indicative uses of zero and the ease of mistakes in space that actually has none, these place holders or indicative values, the actuality of zero beyond the placement of space in indicative place holders and more accurate than any amount of indicative value assumed in similar placements. Assuming zero a place holder or placement allots the issues of assuming similarity in spaciousness and or conditioning that which has no actual worth to place value of indicative which confiscates accuracy in the digits of timing especially, and which could easily measure any amount of worth in placements* in accordance with assumed holdings, especially in imaginary and or imaginal spaces. The accuracy in connectivity and continuer, the timing and accuracy in any amount of circumstance to underlying principle in that which is assumed of time and the space allotted or allowed in assumption, the mediums of interest and investment and the assumptions of measurement upon space that actually has very little space at all, or may not exist as space. The spaces imagined for imaginary, (without a homeland) and the ways in which any amount of data or information could be warped according to systemic reach, conditioning, and apriory in accordance with unnatural systems. The indicative worth and value of timing: the ways in which mediums and environment can warp indicative value and even space and time itself. The wanted values of zero and the indicative measures of timeliness in that which is assumed connected or continuing and the ease of misinterpretation in obesrvational biases upon unnatural and applied systems. The distinctions in difference or similarity and the indicative worthiness of zero beyond place-holding and assumptive timing based on scales unfit for actuality. The wanted indicative nature of that which is beyond, the assumptive measures of those assured they already know and the need for curiosity, uncertainty, and the willingness to question and wonder.

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