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Happenstance, the relevance of any assumptive connectivity and the distance in imagining and potential. The ‘lost’ discovered or explored figures of indifference and phantom relegations of intensity or the constant inconsistencies of impression and expression. The exactitudes of decision, or that which is against it or the dissonance in that which is an ending beginning again and again (Stein, Gertrude) or the imagined boundaries of allowance. Favor, the constitutions of free thought and the need for individuality: instinct and imagination, the measureless figures of immersive value or condensation of unfair loss. The sense of removal or this loss of presence, the humanity! Impossible is impossible, the curve of sky compared to the corners of a distance around a block, depending on perspective sense analogous to personal experience and private environment. All that’s left to a portrait sense, pearls gleaning in pigs teeth, what sense of past or stats could offend such futurism? The ease of still-life misinterpretation and the movement of actuality. Forms beyond shapeliness: lines of horizon and disappearing time stretching out as though straightened.


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