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Zero, Win!

Imaginal zero and the possibilities in source-less electric. The wanted absolution of condition or medium in which certain actions or reactions could become sourced function or the ways in which any amount of data could seem to belong or reckon with the surroundings effectively enough to seem congruent, the applicability of any amount of imagining and the ways in which these transforms in mind condition possibilities, the wanted excitements of space and the natural or applied sciences in actual underlying principle beyond circumstance upon circumstance. Complete and finished: the ways in which indeterminable data could or must already be used and the significance in any amount of ambiguity or postural reflex and the endless capabilities in observational bias (especially in accordance with applied systems). Natural systemic conditions of unrest, these industrialized traps and the endless possibilities in any amount of partiality or supposed wholeness. The confiscation of dimension to assumptions of zero holding place and the ways in which assumptions upon transforms could remove parts of reality, the wanted actuality of distance or measure, the ease of Fourrier transforms in misinterpreting zero and the ways in which any amount of supposed non-space could move. The assumptions of imaginary numbers and the ways in which any amount of imagined partiality or wholeness could misinform others or another in assumptions of connectivity and continuance. Assumptions upon infinitum or zero, imaginary and the endlessness of wholeness and partiality in potentials, a finite universe of infinite potentials, the wanted decisions of supposition or these perfect pre-fect timing measures to language as a biological sense or the inevitability of happening upon something in this universe of constant CHANGE that could recombinate or make sense, the ways in which adaptation compensates automatically for that which we wonder and wish for, hypothesis in assurances of an outcome compared with the necessity in abstraction and theory, in uncertainty and refusing to decide...also a decision. A giant mirror, these cells reflecting parts of the environment and confusing parts of my reckoning with immediacy and the sense of connectivity in immanent values beyond actual choice, free will, these coincidences I want to be real, these inward romantic beaches (Hinton) that so easily find a trailing leaf or feather to attach significance to. The wanted accuracy in that which is conditioning and all the ways in which connectivity and continuance could trick any amount of supposed conditioning, especially the ways in which we are conditioned to applied systems. Fourrier transformations of space lit in chemotaxis by the fervor between stars seen in Zeeman's measure, these places that have never actually met, the wanted accuracy in movement and the ways in which connectivity could get in the way. The wanted escapes: clear, bright, cold morning air in the mountains, the warmth of wonderment and the ways in which placements of digits could rework entire environments, the ease of placed values for zero and the ways in which transformations of conditioned limits in an actual single digit could misinterpret placed beyond actual 'digit'. The wanted numerical sense of everything, these numerology confines and confusions in the chaos assumed as though some form of simple and annoying context taken away, random guessing that must always fit someplace, these corners of triumphs against decent interest and study, the ways in which 'chaos' has been transformed to more meaningless conditioning of possibility in that which must recombinate irregardless of the space. Finite, infinite potentials, the possibilities in assumption and the ways in which any amount of imaginary could infinitely transform, the wanted free thought and wonderment necessary to curiosity and engagement with the world around us, these interests and investments beyond time and space, the wanted limits in zero and one, and the actuality of infinitum between them. The necessity in usefulness of zero as integer or place holder and the inaccuracy in the space conceived between these numbers.

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